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How To Grow A Beard Fast

How To Grow A Beard Fast - NORSE Beard Growth Secrets

April 03, 2020

We have taken every. Single. Beard growth method we’ve ever come across and packed it into this article for you. Seriously. This beast of knowledge has a ridiculous amount of ways to turn your face into a furry beast.

We’ll also be updating this piece as we come across new wisdom. That said, be sure to come back and have a look every so often.

Let’s start with the all-natural stuff first...

7 Natural Ways To Grow A Thicker Beard

1. Hunt and forage for beard friendly chow

Beards, much like every other part of your body, can be greatly affected by the foods you eat. It’s important to make a conscious effort to consume things which will do your body, and therefore your beard, good. You want to ensure to eat meat, fruits, and vegetables, as they include the essential vitamins needed for beard health and growth.

Here is a list of six beard-boosting foods you should consume more of:

  • Green peas
  • Bananas
  • Sunflower seeds
  • Avocado
  • Salmon
  • Meat

Eating as many of these foods as possible will help optimise your nutrition and your hormones for maximum manliness. For more delicious food ideas, check out our blog 7 Delicious Foods Which Promote Beard Growth.

2. Oil up that fuzz

The right combination of vitamins and minerals is the surefire way to bring the fuzz to your face. There have been multiple eye-opening studies on particular nutrients and the effect they have on preventing hair loss and promoting hair growth. In fact, sometimes the reason men have patchy or thin beards is because they aren’t getting enough nutrients.

Although a healthy diet is strongly encouraged, there is an easier and more effective way to harness the power of these vitamins and minerals: by applying them directly onto your face and beard with natural growth oils.

Using this information, Norse Grooming has crafted a wildly potent growth oil which is one of the first to combine all 9 of the most powerful beard boosting oils on the market. Norse Grooming Beard Oil is proven to feed hair follicles with the essential vitamins and ingredients for beard growth to bring stagnant hairs back to life and help sprout new strands.

Our oil has been through countless case studies and the results have been astonishing. Men all over the world have been experiencing the truly life-changing experience of going from a patchy, thin beard, to something which turns heads. It's also important to understand the difference between beard oils and balms and why they are both useful.

3. Use supplements

By taking supplements, you remove the guesswork of which vitamins and how much you need to consume for optimal beard performance. Norse Growth Vitamins is specially formulated with 12 of the most potent all-natural ingredients for beard growth.

Learn more about taking supplements in our blog The Truth About Beard Growth Vitamins & Supplements.

4. Hack Natural Testosterone and DHT

Beard growth cannot be possible without healthy levels of testosterone and DHT. It’s crucial to ensure you have these manly hormones flowing through you so your beard flows with hair.

Testosterone and DHT can be created in a multitude of ways. They are most abundant to those who play sports, exercise, and eat a diet rich in vitamins and minerals. You can also try a natural hormone optimizer, which will do more than just boost your beard.

5. Beard combs and brushes

Combing one’s beard is often an overlooked step in growing a thicker, healthier beard. But similar to brushing your teeth, it should be done on the daily.

Combs and brushes create an ideal environment for hair to grow. They do this by exfoliating the dead skin cells to invite new, healthy ones. This act also gets the blood flowing, which you learned the importance of earlier in the previous point.

6. Do manly things

There’s a quote that boy’s clubs sometimes use before they drink whiskey or smoke cigars. They’ll say, “It’ll put hair on your chest.” Is this true? And if so, do these “manly” activities put hair on your face too?

Believe it or not, there’s some truth to this saying. Although it may not come from things like booze and cigars, you can get a fuller beard from high-intensity training and by lifting weights. Exercising boosts testosterone levels which help to grow hair in manly places.

7. Don’t trim; tame

Some of your hairs need to be broken to your will as if they’re wild stallions. When you can tame unruly hairs, instead of pruning them, you’ll have a more prominent bush to work with.

But how do you control these rogue strands? I recommend using our natural beard balm to train your hair to grow in the proper direction. Your beard will look fuller. The balm contains lots of nutrients too, which helps your prized facial plumage grow faster.

Before you get to sheering, check out our blog 6 Beard Grooming Tips For A Timeless, Classy Beard.

8 More Beard Growth Methods To Consider

How To Grow Your Beard Faster

So we’ve come to that point of the article when things are starting to get a little desperate. Perhaps you’ve tried the above methods and still want some more growth. There is a few more options which I didn’t want to put into this article because:

  1. a) I don’t condone these options
  2. b) some of them come with a long list of potential side effects

And yet, here we are.

1. Minoxidil

Maybe you’ve heard of products like Rogaine? There are mixed reviews on whether this treatment works, but one thing is for certain: there is a high risk of a number of unwanted side effects. These include:

  • severe scalp irritation;
  • unwanted growth of facial hair;
  • chest pain, fast heartbeats;
  • swelling in your hands or feet, rapid weight gain;
  • a light-headed feeling, like you might pass out;
  • headache, dizziness, confusion; or.
  • flushing (warmth, redness, or tingly feeling).
  • unwanted growth of facial hair


I don’t really understand the last side effect. How can facial hair be unwanted? Maybe they mean that it will grow on your forehead?

2. Beard Transplant

Hair transplants may seem like a smart and viable option, but the truth is, that like minoxidil it comes with a long list of potential side effects, like risk of scarring, surgical complications, and a mediocre result. In addition, the procedure is quite expensive. With that said beard transplants can work for some people.

3. Beard Growth Sprays

First of all, this isn’t some hokey product like those spray-on beards you see in novelty shops (yes, those things exist). Second, and more importantly, the term “beard growth spray” could be misleading, since it doesn’t necessarily make your beard grow fuller or faster. Instead, these things are more akin to vitamins in a canister that you spray on your face. Simply put, beard growth sprays just make your skin and hair healthier, which then makes it more suitable for beard growth.

4. Derma Roller

Derma rollers are these little tools you use on your skin in order to microneedle it. Sure, just the word “needle” alone may seem intimidating for some (hey, there ain’t no shame in being adverse to little pricks, right?), but believe us when we say it’s worlds apart from, say, getting that tetanus shot from the clinic.

These rollers perform the task of microneedling, which involves poking really tiny, shallow holes on the skin in order to increase the amount of blood that’s being transported to that given area. The reasoning behind this is that the increased blood flow will stimulate beard growth.

5. Beard Growth Creams

We’re living in a world where beard products have become rampant, and beard creams are one of those things. If you ask us, beard growth cream is pretty much like any old beard growth oil out there, save for their consistency. Beard oil is liquid, while beard oil creams tend to be more solid. Apart from that, they have the same effect on you: they aim to make your beard grow faster or fuller by giving you the right nutrients to make sure your skin becomes a perfect seedbed for facial hair.

6. Testosterone Injections and Creams

No. Sorry, I’m not going to get into this one. The risks are so high, that these options should be reserved for if you are lacking a significant amount of testosterone and your doctor prescribes it. Or if you are going through a sex change. Testosterone boosting should not be used for your beard. It’s just not worth it.

7. Beard Growth Massage

There are some misguided souls out there who think that massaging your cheeks, upper lip, and chin on a daily basis will indeed increase the rate of your facial hair growth. We’re here to debunk that, though, since facial massages – whether you’re doing it to grow your beard or not – don’t stimulate your hair follicles; it stimulates your facial muscles. So, you won’t be getting a thicker or fuller beard if you try this, although your cheeks might feel a little more supple.

8. Bull crap!

And we mean that literally! Leaning on the crazier side of the beard growing scale, there’s this existing belief that leaving bull feces on your beard and then leaving it there for a few minutes will help stimulate facial hair growth. We’re not even going to explain it; we’ll just leave you by saying don’t try this. Ever.

Fun fact: some people even think that bull shit isn’t enough to get that glorious beard growing; some even go so far as to slather bull semen on their faces. Okay, that’s enough internet for today. And that’s also enough of these wild and crazy ways to grow your beard.

Make sure you do lots of research before you attempt any of these options. And also consider the option that maybe, just maybe, it’s okay that your beard isn’t the longest and thickest in all the land. Maybe just be grateful for what you have.

Once you implement the previous steps, you’ll never have to ask Google “how to grow a beard” again. Instead, you might need to ask how to get your beard to settle down because it’s growing so much it starts spreading all over your entire body and oh God it’s wrapping around my neck and covering my mouth, and I can’t breathe please send help!

What About Shaving? Will It Make My Beard Grow Back Thicker?

does shaving make your beard grow faster

The truth is, if shaving every day grew a thicker beard, then more people would have thicker beards.

Maybe the men with beastly beards pass down wisdom that shaving every day will grow a thicker beard because they tried this advice themselves. As they went through puberty, their beards grew thicker and fuller. So in fact, it was the puberty which made their faces fuzzier, and not the actual act of shaving every day. These bearded scholars might mean well, but their advice is slightly misguided.

In fact, Dermatologists say there is no correlation between trimming or shaving and the rate of growth, or increased volume. Scientists concede, however, that there is a measurable increase immediately after mowing your face, but that it’s followed by a period of decreased production, resulting in no net increase.

That being said, shaving every day does kinda help, but not in a way that you might expect. The simple act of dragging the razor across your face increases blood flow to the area, which delivers nourishment to your hair follicles. You want lots of love and attention from blood around your beard. But this act won’t be enough to make a significant impact.

Learn more about what shaving does to your beard by checking out our article Does Shaving Make Hair Grow Back Thicker?

Overcome What’s Stopping Your Gains

There’s a couple of obstacles standing between your bare face and the glorious mane it deserves — the patches and the split ends. I’ve been there, my friend, but don’t despair. I’m here to assure you there are things you can do to grow past these issues. Trust me, once you get beyond it, your new beard will become your guiltiest pleasure.

Grow Past Patchiness

Before you take a razor to your patchy beard, completely defeated and done with your dream of beardedness, ask yourself these questions:

Am I getting enough beard boosting nutrients? Is my body producing enough testosterone? Am I oiling my beard to keep it nourished and healthy?

If you answered yes to the above questions, and you still can’t break through the patches, then your best bet is to try and grow the fuller hair over the bald or thin spots. Alternatively, you can try to style your beard in such a way that you work with what you’ve got. Perhaps you can try a goatee or maybe a goatee and sideburns combo.

For more on overcoming patchiness, check out our blog 3 Steps To Get Past A Patchy Beard.

Prevent Split Ends

Of course, it's better to keep your beard free from split ends from the start, rather than having to go backward and frantically try to save your sick beard. Sometimes split ends can get to be so bad that there’s not much you can do but get to sheering. And isn’t that a tale of a bearded tragedy? Having to do something like that will ruin all your glorious gains. Let’s try and avoid that, shall we?

1. Towel dry

When your beard is freshly washed, dry it with a towel and not a hairdryer. Excessive heat causes dry and damaged hair which can lead to split ends. So leave your sister’s hairdryer in her room where it belongs.

2. Apply beard oil

Beard oil will keep your luscious strands nice and healthy. Some beard oils even contain natural ingredients which have been scientifically proven to prevent split ends. By applying this oil to your beard, your follicles will (probably) be strong enough to curl weights (don’t try this at home. We are not liable for any beard-related injuries you may incur).  

3. Brush/comb it

It’s as important to brush your beard as it is to brush your hair. This act of regular maintenance prevents tangles, damage, and keeps the split ends at bay. Invest in a high-quality comb or brush for optimal results. If you have a thick beard, combs are a better choice because they prevent tugging.

4. Take a supplement

It might be a good idea to look into beard supplements if you're struggling to get enough vitamins in your diet. Just make sure you do some thorough research. And keep a lookout for Biotin in the ingredients; it’s a B Complex Vitamin that has been shown to impact hair growth.

4 Mistakes Which Are Getting In The Way Of Sweet, Sweet Growth

Beard Growth Mistakes

If you’re serious as a heart attack about growing your beard out—and I mean a yeard or more — learn from some of these mistakes I made early on in my journey. I wasn’t as lucky as you; I had no guidance. But now you can learn from some mishaps I had along the way, and avoid them.

1. Using hair products on your face

The first thing you’re doing wrong is using regular bar soap or shampoo on your whiskers. That’s bad, m’kay? Sure, you’re used to washing your face with just any old soap, and you shampoo your hair all the time. But what’s good for other parts of your body is probably hurting you if you’re applying them to your beard.

I did this all the time during the early months, and it set me back considerably, leaving my facial forest brittle and prone to breakage. I’d continue to wash my face with bar soap, then started lathering up my beard with the same shampoo I used on my hair.

But remember what soaps and shampoos do—they basically just strip beneficial oils. I get that you want to keep your hair from looking greasy, but liquid shampoo wasn’t even a thing until the 1920s. What I’m saying is that shampoo is only a cosmetic product, and not necessarily something that’s good for you.

2. Not using beard oil

As a beardsman, you should always strive to keep those whiskers and faces hydrated and nourished, and avoid drying them out. That said, if you’re not using beard oil, you’re doing your face project a disservice.

Early along my path to glorious bearddom, I viewed beard oils as luxuries, not necessities. And I couldn’t have been more wrong. No matter how short or long your facial hair is, it replaces the natural oil we lose when washing our faces. And if you’re just getting started, it’s going to help you with that itch.

3. Using a cheap comb

As we’ve already learned, what’s good for the hair on your scalp is usually not good for the stuff on your face. This applies to cheap plastic combs. Dust off the microscope that’s been hibernating on your closet shelf for decades. Now take a look at your plastic comb under it. You’ll see that the tines look like saw blades—and they are destroying your beard.

Spend a few extra bucks on making your face happy. This badass metal beard comb doubles as a beard shaping tool to get your lines on point.

There are also some good acetate combs on the market that are sawn and polished by hand, leaving the comb free of those jagged little edges our eyes otherwise miss on cheap combs.

Handmade wooden beard combs are a safe bet for the same reason. And if they’re cut from something like sandalwood, they smell really, really nice.

4. Playing with your beard

I know how it is, bro. You can’t stop touching that work of art in which you’ve invested so much passion! But this could become a very poor habit indeed. While I, too, know of a beard’s loving ways when stroked while deep in thought, be mindful of what you’re doing.

If you have dry hands, for instance, your rough, thirsty mitts are going to draw beard oil away from your face. And if you’re always picking and tugging at your whiskers, or twirling them between your idle digits, you’re promoting breakage.

The bottom line is that you should only be touching your beard with an open hand, and infrequently. You’ll get the satisfaction of occasionally being reminded it’s still there, and that it’s looking fantastic.

If you’ve been making any of the mistakes outlined above, now you know it’s time to consciously change some habits. Your beard will thank you. And when it does, tell the little guy I said he’s welcome.

Alright, my bearded brothers. I think we’ve covered quite enough for today. If you’re hungry for more beard growth knowledge, take a look through our blog. We’ve got all kinds of goodies in there for you. Good luck on your beard growth adventure!

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