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7 Delicious Foods Which Promote Beard Growth

7 Delicious Foods Which Promote Beard Growth

August 19, 2020

Beards, much like every other part of your body, can be greatly affected by the foods you eat. It’s important to make a conscious effort to consume things which will do your body, and therefore your beard, good. 

Now, you might be hoping things like beer, candy, and donuts are the foods I’m talking about. And although they are most definitely not the foods I’m talking about, the foods you should be eating are actually, pretty delicious. 

I went ahead and built you the perfect plate of food for beards below. So be sure to stop by the grocery store and pick up these seven delicious foods which promote beard growth. 

  1. Beef

Beef for beard growth

Tonight I want you to do you, and your beard a favor by having a big, fat, juicy steak. Beef will give you a Prime Grade beard. Contents like saturated fats and animal proteins will help with testosterone production which is crucial for beards.    

And be sure to hang onto the excess portions of the cow so you can ingest some of the gelatin. Gelatin is a rich source of amino acids which are important for beard growth. Two of the most important of these amino acids are proline and glycine, which are known as “collagen proteins” and is what the body uses to create hair, nails, and skin.

      2. Potatoes

Potatoes for Beard Growth

As a side for your steak, have yourself some potatoes; mashed or roasted will do. The carbs that are found in potatoes help with the production of testosterone and DHT. DHT is a hormone responsible for the growth of facial hair, so any food item that helps to boost this hormone is what you want you definitely want.

      3. Eggs

Eggs for Beard Growth

Eggs are one of the best and easiest foods to add to your beard growth diet. That’s because they are so dang versatile. There are so many different and delectable ways to whip up eggs, and can even be used as an ingredient for a variety of different recipes. Not only that, but you can have eggs for every meal of the day, including late night snacks. 

But why are they great for beards? For starters, eggs contain biotin, which is a major ingredient in the best beard growth supplements and oils. Eggs are one of the richest sources of this vitamin so scramble, fry, and poach some up every day. 

Eggs can also help with testosterone production thanks to its many micronutrients. As you might already know, testosterone is what makes you a man, which includes your desire to never want to ask for directions and beardedness. That’s right, gentlemen, eggs help your beard game in two different ways. So plop a good helping of eggs beside your potatoes and steak. 

      4. Avocado

Avocado for Beard Growth

Another great side you’ll want to tuck in between the eggs and potatoes is the superfood called avocado. Rich in vitamins, it also packs a potent amount of biotin, which we discussed the benefits for your beard earlier. 

And I know they charge you extra at places like Chipotle but make sure to opt for the avocado and guacamole next time you order there. 

     5. Orange Juice

Orange for Beard Growth

For your drink, you’ll want to have yourself a tall glass of orange juice. You may already know that OJ is a rich source of vitamin C, but it also boosts your immune system, reverses free radicals that can cause damage to skin and hair, and increases the synthesis of collagen. 

     6. Brazil Nuts

Brazilian nuts for Beard Growth

If you’re still hungry, and you want a snack, get yourself a handful of Brazil nuts. Nuts are a wicked source of protein, but what makes Brazil nuts extra special is that they contain selenium. Selenium not only promotes testosterone, but it’s also an essential mineral for beard growth. 

Studies show that eating as little as two nuts can boost your beard. So head on over to the farmer’s market, pick up 14 Brazil nuts, and you’ll have enough to eat two nuts per day for a week. And make sure it’s an organic farmer’s market because then it will be likely that more of the skin, which is where the selenium is, will be attached to the Brazil nut.

      7. Raisins

Raisins for Beard Growth

You might want to mix some raisins into that handful of Brazil nuts. Raisins are a rich source of boron, which is a trace mineral shown to increase the synthesis of both DHT and testosterone. A study which looked at boron and hormone levels showed that 10 mg’s of boron increased DHT by 10% and testosterone by 28%.

Bon appetit! I hope you enjoy this plate of food I put together (all you have to do now is all the work of preparing and cooking it). 

If you’ve been struggling to achieve that statuesque beard you desire — one that looks as if it was chiseled from the beard of a Greek god — adding the seven delicious foods listed above to your diet will help you promote beard growth.  

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