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The Truth About Beard Growth Pills, Vitamins & Supplements

The Truth About Beard Growth Pills, Vitamins & Supplements

January 10, 2020

You’ve seen some mighty beards in your day… 

Like Nick Offerman’s which has more character than the characters he plays on television. Or the lion’s mane on Chuck Norris which has its own black belt (watch out for that thing).

Maybe you want to know how to join this exalted company of furry-faced men. Well, you have a few options, my friend. There are quite a few paths you can take to get the prosperous scruff you desire. 

What about beard growth pills, vitamins and supplements? Do they truly work? 


The End.

…Roll credits…

Special thanks to my mom. And the beard gods. 

Oh, you’re still reading…

I guess you don’t want to take the word of some dude from the Internet — at least without a little more information first. So please feel free to keep reading, and I’ll fill you in with how these supplements can fill in your beard. Afterwards, you can decide for yourself. Sound good?

First of all, what are beard growth supplements?

These little gems usually come in capsules, and the good ones are stuffed with the Earth’s best ingredients for sprouting bristles from your jaw, among many other amazing benefits (which we’ll go over shortly). 

These supplements are designed to help stimulate natural growth and help you get rid of a thin or patchy beard in the process.

What kind of ingredients should I look for on the side of the box?


Just the all-natural good stuff (watch out for the unnatural bad stuff).

That’s a great question, and I’m glad you asked it. It’s important to not only make sure you’re consuming things which are actually proven to improve your beard, but also ensure you’re not downing stuff which could harm your beard — and your overall health. 

Look for things like biotin, PABA, nettle root, spirulina, saw palmetto, bamboo extract, and Fo-Ti. You want to make sure everything within these capsules is natural. Some supplements contain chemicals and fillers which can cause all kinds of unwanted side effects. Having a thicker beard would be awesome, but it’s not worth poisoning yourself for. 

In this blog, you’ll also learn about which ingredients to watch out for in products like shampoos and beard oils too. You’ll be totally set up for not only a fuller beard, but a healthier one as well. 

What do beard growth supplements do?



Let’s talk beard business.

Beard growth supplements can actually do a lot of things; simultaneously. They are super efficient multi-taskers. Some of the wonderful benefits of these daily tablets include nourishing hair follicles, slowing down hair loss and greying, curing beardruff, and growing a thicker, longer beard. Yeah dude, it’s like an all-in-one for your beard. 

The main job of these ingestibles is to support beard growth. The supplements make a great addition to your daily beard care and growth routine. 


Can’t I just take a multivitamin or eat properly instead?


I think it’s a great idea for you take multivitamins and eat properly, anyway. I want you to be healthy, friend. And although doing so will help support beard growth, it would be infinitely better in unison with beard growth supplements. These tablets are specifically formulated for beard growth with the perfect measurements of the very best ingredients for face fuzz known to humankind. 

It’s very little effort to ingest them, and the benefits can be drastic. In fact, sometimes the reason men can’t grow a thicker beard is a result of malnutrition. Beard growth supplements ensure your beard is properly nourished with the exact vitamins and minerals it craves. All you need to do is take two a day and you’ll be on your way… to massive beardedness. 


Do supplements work for men without beards?


Keep your smooth chin up, kid

Look, beard growth supplements are pretty strong, but they aren’t some magical pill which is going to take a baby face and turn it into Zeus’s beard. Unfortunately, genetics plays a big role on your full beard potential. Thanks a lot, mom. 

That being said, smooth-faced men can achieve some impressive gains if they’re willing to do what it takes. This is especially true when supplements are used in harmony with other beard growth methods like beard oils, exercise, and proper nutrition. And it’s not going to break the bank by giving it a shot. Some supplements like Norse Growth Vitamins, are very reasonably priced, especially considering the life-changing benefits which they can provide.

What do beard growth supplements do for guys who already own beards? 

First of all, congratu-F@CKING-lations.


So you’ve already got a beard. That’s great! A lot of guys reading this article are probably slightly jealous. I still recommend trying beard supplements. The biggest reason I advise you do so is to ensure you don’t experience hair loss and premature greying. You can also expect that your beard will increase in thickness and fullness. The supplements contain all natural ingredients, so it’s a great idea to take them twice a day. This way you’ll do more than just maintain that beard of yours; you’ll also give it a boost. 

Where can I learn more about these things?

So you’ve learned the truth about beard growth pills, vitamins and supplements, but you want to know more. Check out more of our products by clicking here. Be sure to go through the pictures to see the list of all-natural ingredients we use (and all that other nerdy product information you can pretend to understand). 

Shut up and take my money!

You’re a smart man.

Okay, okay, I’ll stop talking now. I’ve totally been rambling and I appreciate your patience. Well, I hope you learned a lot (and that I didn’t bore you too much). Good luck with your beard growth process, you bearded champion. 

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