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5 Beard Communities You Should Join This Year

5 Beard Communities You Should Join This Year

May 23, 2020

Growing a beard is an activity that men have engaged in since time immemorial. Whether it’s purely for style alone or some other reason, beards have been always men to provide males with the fuzz they need. Simply put, the point we’re trying to make here is that growing your very own face forest is the kind of activity that requires commitment, effort, and lots of care. That is not to say, though, that it’s not enjoyable and satisfying. Any beardsman will agree with us when we say that there’s this sense of joy and accomplishment whenever you reach that perfect style or length you’re going for.

Yes, to celebrate your beard by yourself is fun. But just imagine if you were with other bearded brothers out there to help you rejoice during this time. And if you’re a novice, imagine having season beard warriors at your side teaching and guiding you in the honorable and noble tradition of beard growing. That’s where beard communities come in.

Especially in today’s world where the internet has become as much a part of daily life as your refrigerator or stove — sometimes even more so — various tribes of beardsmen exist both online and offline. And we’re here to tell you which beard communities out there you should be a part of! No pressure, though!

Why join at all?

Bearded Men

First off, we’re not paid or goaded by any of the communities and groups we’re going to tell you about in this article; we simply like them based on their own merits. The question is: why should you even consider becoming part of these groups?

Do it for Knowledge

Especially if you’re new to the whole beard growing game, knowing the ins and outs of the process is a must. As such, there’s no better place to look for some sagely beard advice than from people who actually have experience in it. Joining a group, whether it’s over social media or otherwise, helps you connect and gather knowledge from other beardsmen.

Do it for Pride

Beards aren’t a right; it’s a privilege. Just know that not every man in the world could grow a respectable face bush, so coming together with other people who are able to do so is a means to celebrate and rejoice the joys of having a beard. Don’t be one of those bearded bullies who discriminate against non-bearded guys, though: come on, you’re giving beardsmen a bad name if you do that.

Do it for You

It’s a big, beautiful, bearded world out there, so there’s no reason for you to be alone. As we say, come for the beards and stay for the companionship. Beard communities are a great way to make new friends, simple as that!

The Beard World

When looking for the right group to join, there’s one place you could easily go to: cyberspace. We’re going to cover online boards and communities here, from non-profit domains to Facebook groups. Of course, we’re not saying that one is better than the other: it’s all up to you to know which kind of interactions and communities work the best for you.

Online Beard Communities

Connect with thousands upon thousands of fellow beardsmen online with a click of a button. But, the question is: which communities are recommended out there? Allow us to name a few.


There’s no exaggeration when we say that Beards.org is the oldest and one of the most respected online beard communities out there. We will even go so far as to say that this is the online community for beardsmen that set the tone for all the others that came after it. Founded more than 20 years ago, during a time when broadband wasn’t even mainstream, Beards.org has one of the largest online beard communities, with thousands of members all over the world. It goes without saying, of course, that you can discuss any beard-related topic here.

Beard Board

Though not as old as Beards.org, Beard Board is no less storied as it’s been around ever since the days when N*Sync was still a thing and a majority of men didn’t sport beards. A lively community full of online beard brothers that bask in the glory of facial hair, Beard Board is much like Beards.org in that you could discuss anything relating to facial hair in this online community. Hey, joining one doesn’t mean you can’t join the other, after all!


Reddit? Isn’t that site just full of angry trolls that pounce at you whenever you mistype “your” for “you’re”? That’s not entirely true. Reddit is a message board with a humongous amount of users from all over the world divided into different subgroups. All that you need to do is find which subgroup, or subreddit, to be a part of. And believe us when we say that your views on Reddit would change a small bit for the better once you find the right subreddit. As a suggestion, try looking for the /r/beards subreddit: these guys not only talk about beards; they also hold sweet monthly contests with REAL prizes (you know, not just dick pics).

Men With Beards

Now, this one’s a group you can find on Facebook. And despite being small with only about 10k+ members, Men With Beards has properly secured its spot as a solid, fun, and active online community. Now, keep in mind that there’s the Men With Beards group and Facebook page where they post various beard-related content. Feel free to hook up with both!

Minox Beard Spot

If there’s one beard community here that we think is perfect for novices, it’s this one. Minox Beard Spot started out as a Facebook group for Minoxidil enthusiasts experimenting with the drug’s hair growth effect. Since then, it’s grown into one of the most active online beard communities that specialize in tips and tricks to grow a proper face forest. So, don’t let the “Minox” name fool you; it goes way beyond that!

Of course, there are a lot of other beard communities for you to join this year — be it online or offline. Feel free to search for the right one for you. Like we said, it’s a big, beautiful, bearded world out there!

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