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Do Beard Growth Sprays Really Work? Insider Reveals All

Do Beard Growth Sprays Really Work? Insider Reveals All

April 03, 2020

As if there weren’t enough beard products in the market today that even the most seasoned of beardsmen could have their heads spinning, beard sprays are also becoming more and more popular in beard growing communities around the world. So, what is up with these beard sprays and what exactly can they do for you? Specifically speaking, what is all the fuzz (no pun intended) about beard GROWTH sprays—do you need them?

First things first…

One of the most common problems faced by both novices and veteran beard growers alike is this: cultivating a patch of respectable facial hair could get, well, itchy to say the least. Especially during those first four weeks, which honestly could become a rather exceedingly irritating experience. The itch you get from a variety of reasons (ingrown hairs, bacteria, acne, etc.) make it all the more difficult to grow your beard in peace.

That’s where beard growth sprays come in. The question is, what exactly does it do for you?

It’s not magic…

First of all, this isn’t some hokey product like those spray-on beards you see in novelty shops (yes, those things exist). Second, and more importantly, the term “beard growth spray” could be misleading, since it doesn’t necessarily make your beard grow fuller or faster. Instead, these things are more akin to vitamins in a canister that you spray on your face. Simply put, beard growth sprays just make your skin and hair healthier, which then makes it more suitable for beard growth.

But are they safe?

The thing is, just like any other beard product out there, beard sprays come in different varieties and are produced by different companies. The problem is, as these companies are of course expected to do, you won’t be surprised to find each and every can claiming it to be the “best around” or the “best in town”, or some other variation of those statements.

If you ask us, though, the trustiest of beard sprays are the kind that uses all-natural ingredients. Now, we’re not going all Whole Foods on you; we’re just saying that all-natural ingredients are way gentler on your hair and skin as opposed to spraying it with boatloads of Rogaine or something.

As a result, you get a more gradual intake of nutrients that make your skin cleaner, your hair strands stronger, and your beard growth experience immensely more tolerable!

How safe is it?

Hey, assuming you’re going with an all-natural beard growth spray, then you have nothing to worry about! So, don’t expect any side effects with these things. However, it is always more ideal to, of course, just to use the right amount as instructed by your hair care professional or the product’s attached directions.

Don’t be so sensitive…

Ah, yes. So we’re getting to the meat of it: what, indeed, should you do if you’re the type of guy who has very sensitive skin. After all, just a bit of any given allergen and you’re bound for some uncomfortable times.

As such, we’re not going to lie to you: there might be a high chance that you’ll experience this if you had sensitive skin. That is, if you’re using non-organic beard growth sprays. The question is, what should you expect when this allergic reaction kicks in? Well, expect bouts of more itchiness (ugh!) and even dryness to the point that your skin would flake.

And again, that’s why we can’t recommend all-natural beard growth sprays enough: these things eliminate that whole problem. Even better, even those parts of your face that are more sensitive than others are at no risk to have an allergic reaction!

Expecting results…

Of course, the rate with which beards grow differ on case-to-case basis. However, there are two main parties at opposition here. On one hand, you have beardsmen who claim that all you’ll need is a month of beard growth spray use to reap its results, which according to them, are very significant. On the other, there are beard brothers who lean toward the 60-day mark before they saw any noticeable impact their beard growth spray had on their face forests.

Regardless, though, what remains constant is that they experienced results. So, this could probably give you more confidence to head out to your local drugstore to buy yourself a can.

Is beard growth spray enough?

As with beard oils and balms at claim to help face fuzz growth, it’s always best to accompany the product with certain regimens that could facilitate beard growth. Of course, this is assuming that you lucked out on the gene lottery and are actually capable of growing a beard. Yes, genetics could be such a jerk at times, but what are we going to do about it? Going back, though, it’s always a great idea to stock up on meals rich in B vitamins, Vitamin A, Iron, and omega fatty acids. Why, you ask? Well, these are what you may call “beard vitamins” that help your skin and hair become healthier, thus giving you a better beard growth experience.

Second, watch your stress levels. Never tire yourself out and always make sure you get 8 hours of sleep every night, since it is during these hours that your body is able to regenerate all the damaged cells you got throughout the day and, more importantly, distribute those sweet, sweet beard vitamins more efficiently.

Lastly, and this is something that most novice beardsmen tend to overlook, moisturize: dry skin is not good for your follicles. Use an all natural beard oil to keep things soft and healthy.

I’m not sold, though!

And we completely understand. After all, beard growth sprays are one of the lesser known beard products out there. If you’d rather try a different approach, there’s always beard oils, beard balms, and even beard supplements you could take to facilitate a better beard growing experience. We highly recommend checking out our amazing collection to see the amazing products that range from beard grooming to vitamins designed for hair and beard growth.

Keep ‘em growing, guys! And always remember to keep it safe!

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