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6 Beard Grooming Tips For A Timeless Classy Beard

6 Beard Grooming Tips For A Timeless Classy Beard

December 26, 2019

Everyone wants a beard, but the problem is that they can either look stylish or like someone took a handful of pubic hair and glued it to your face. It all depends on how well you grow and groom your most prized possession. 

With the following beard grooming tips, that timeless, classy beard which women drool over can be all yours, my beardly scholar.

1. Keep it clean…

Cleanliness is important for your beard, especially during the early stages when you are first growing it out. Dirt and skin cells and some of the turkey you had the night before can get trapped into your locks, which can make it look pretty filthy and even increase the itchiness. 

Use a specialized beard cleanser, then pat it dry to clean the skin and keep the facial hair looking great. But be sure not to wash it too often. Otherwise, you will strip away your natural oils, which will leave you with dry skin and a dry beard. 

2. Style it to fit your face…

There are quite a few different beard styles out there, some of which look better on some men than others. You should take your time and pick a beard that is right for your face. You can’t rush these things. It’s kind of like picking a house to live in or a wife to marry. 

For instance, if you have a long face, a full beard with thick sides and trimmed mouth and chin are best. Whereas if you have chubby cheeks, you may want to keep your beard trim down the sides.

3. Use the right products…

Beards, much like the hair on your head, require the use of products to maintain the proper level of health and prosperity. Products like beard oil and beard balm can make a huge difference in how awesome your beard looks. 

Let’s start with beard oil. Beard oils are used to mimic the naturally-occurring oil our skin produces. We lose our oils every time we splash water on our face or have a shower. It’s important to replace them to keep our skin and beard healthy. You’ll want to apply these beard oils 2-3 times per day. Some beard oils, like the one we carry in our beard care line, contains all natural ingredients, which actually help to promote beard growth. 

When it comes to beard balms, you’ll only need them when your beard is a little longer. Beard balms are used to keep control of the unruly strands and to tame things just the way you like them. Check out our natural beard balm jam-packed with nutrients to encourage beard growth. 

4. Invest in quality tools…

Properly grooming your beard is somewhat of an art project. And all great artists need the proper tools. The most basic tool that you should have is a quality beard trimmer. For people who want to save time on their beard or do not have a thick beard, trimmers are essential. Scissors and a beard comb are also important tools as they can help to neaten up longer beards. Do your research to figure out which tools are the best ones for your particular beard style and preferences.

5. Trim while dry…

By trimming your beard when wet, you could potentially sheer off more hair than you wanted to, resulting in a wonky or uneven beard. Wet beards tend to sit differently than they appear. Make sure to try the beard before you cut it for more accurate trimming.

For extra precision trimming, check out our beard shaping comb. You’ll get your beard right on point.

6. Eat for your beard, rather than taste…

Your diet plays a huge role in how amazing your beard looks as well as how fast it can grow. Healthy skin is also integral. Your diet should be rich in Omega-3s, proteins, and micronutrients that aid in beard growth and healthy facial hair. Otherwise, you’ll end up with one of those scraggly beards that kind of look like an unhealthy coyote who has the mange. 

We have plenty of articles which list the best foods and best ingredients to consume, so make sure to take a look. To make things a little easier for you, I’ve listed ten things you should be ingesting below.

  1. Beef
  2. Avocado
  3. Biotin
  4. Eggs
  5. Saw Palmetto
  6. Bamboo Extract
  7. Orange Juice
  8. Brazil Nuts
  9. Raisins
  10. Potatoes

By following these beard grooming tips, your beard will be looking timeless and classy. It can take a bit of time and maintenance, but this is kinda what you signed up for by wanting to be a part of the exclusive beard club. And trust me, it’s worth all the extra effort. You’ll agree when you notice women looking at you with sparkles in their eyes. 

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