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Norse Beard Growth Serum

Isn't It Time You Unleashed Your Beard's Full Potential?

You walk into a room. All of a sudden you notice everyone is staring at your lion's mane of a face. Men respect you and women want to talk to you.

Therein lies the power of "the beard". Let's face it. If you can already grow one you're probably already reaping the benefits.

If you struggle with a thin or little to no beard; you need some serious help; man!

Here at Norse Grooming our mission is to bring beardedness to the masses. To help everyone reach their true beard potential.

That's why we created what we believe to be the world's best beard oil for men to support healthy stronger growth.

Our Norse Beard Growth Serum's natural ingredients work by nourishing hair follicles and stimulating blood flow for maximum manly beardedness.

The real question is why would you settle for peach fuzz if you could enjoy a lion's mane and be king of the damn jungle?

Here's What Our Beard Oil Can Do For You
  • Nourish Hair Follicles - with 9 different natural ingredients from Jojoba Oil to Hemp Seed Oil our serum nourishes your skin and hair. Helping blood flow reach the area and deliver essential nutrients to explode your face with more beard.
  • Overcome Patchiness - every young beardsmen who hasn't been growing for long knows how annoying patchy beard growth is. While we can't promise specific results customers report stronger fuller growth in patchy areas.
  • Healthy Sexy Beard - No more beardruff or beard itch. Our serum helps your beard grow in stronger and healthier. That means less breakage and a softer fuller appearance that also SMELLS manly.

Now full disclaimer: this is not for everyone. Some guys do not have what it takes to grow a full manly beard. Maybe your hormone levels are too low or you just don't have the right genetics. 

Usually there are three types of beard men. Ones who can grow full manly beards already; our serum is perfect to keep their beards soft, nourished and healthy. Ones who can grow patchy beards; our serum is ideal for growing theirs in healthier and fuller. Then there's guys who can't grow more than a small moustache and chin fluff.

Those guys will find the least success with our growth serum. But with a combination of the right diet, testosterone promoting foods and exercise; there's hope for improvement. 

What's Inside Norse Beard Growth Serum?

Well only nine of the most powerful ingredients known to man proven to stimulate healthy hair growth and nourishment. When we started Norse Grooming we knew we had to create the ultimate oil for guys looking for healthier and fuller beards.

But we didn't want to use anything unnatural. So FULL disclosure here's the full list of our ingredients.

  • Virgin Argan Oil
  • Pure Jojoba Oil
  • Apricot Kernal Oil
  • Vitamin E Oil
  • Avocado Oil
  • Sweet Almond Oil
  • Pumpkin Seed Oil
  • Hempseed Oil
  • Grapeseed Oil

All of them are pure natural goodness for your skin and your beard. Each application will leave your beard feeling smooth, soft and with a fuller appearance. 

Now for a limited time only while we are still new; you can try NORSE Grooming's Beard Growth Serum for 50% off the regular price.

So if you'd like to maximize your beard potential or have simply been looking for a good, effective beard oil that doesn't break the bank; click "add to cart" right now.

Welcome to the club.

 Shipping: 2-5 days USA.

Customer Reviews

Based on 17 reviews
james hill
Good beard oil.

I bought this after clicking a link in an article recommending it. Been using for 4 weeks now and I definitely notice my patchy beard is growing in fuller. It keeps it super soft and manageable as well. Highly recommend thank you.


Don't usually leave reviews. But since they asked via email and this has been an amazing product I had to. Tried many beard growth serums and oils, this is the ONLY one that has actually made my beard grow and thicker.

Philip Miller
Good good serum

took longer than expected. But I would recommend if ya need a little boost in beard growth

Luke Adams
Long wait, good product

I already have a beard but want to make it more fuller. Compared to other brands, this serum does stick or super thick. I like the dropper. Took longer to wait thankfully customer service was on top pf it.

R. Allen
Highly recommended serum!

Wore a full beard most of my life and it became thin and patchy after radiation therapy this product helped me regrow it.This product WORKS

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