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How To Trim Your Short Beard

How To Trim Your Short Beard

September 23, 2018

So maybe over the weekend, you decided not to shave, and your stubble is starting to coming in real nice. You are totally digging the way it looks. In fact, it almost takes your breath away everytime you see yourself in the mirror. Plus, you’re feeling adventurous. So you decide to go ahead and begin the journey of growing a short beard. Can I just tell you how darn proud I am of you? Let’s take a moment to celebrate this great moment in beard history.

Welcome, my friend. Welcome to the bearded brotherhood. Your welcome package of more looks from the opposite sex should be on its way shortly. Short beards do have their perks. They are somewhat easier to trim and maintain, and if they are trimmed correctly, they can give the illusion of that ever-so-coveted strong jawline. They are also less likely to double as a food strainer or pose as a tripping hazard. Also, birds won’t be as tempted to raise a family in there. Even though short beards, of course, don’t take as much time to grow out as their long counterparts, they still require a fair amount of attention.

You don’t want your face fluff to make you look disheveled — unless you’re trying to sell that haggard look to get more money as a panhandler. If you want to look super dapper, then keep reading. A short beard naturally curves the face without hiding its shape, so it looks best on men with either square or oval-shaped faces. Short beard styles take maintenance, time, and patience. Keep these tips in mind when growing out and trimming your short beard. First, grow a beard. Already got one? Great. Need to grow one? This might be more difficult for some than others, which is why a natural beard oil could come in handy. You may want to bookmark this page while you’re waiting for that facial hair to come in. Be patient my friend. Things you’ll need:

  • Beard trimmer
  • Razor
  • Shaving cream (maybe try coconut oil)
  • Comb
  • Mirror (yes, the rear-view mirrors on your car will totally work)
  • Beard Oil
  • Beard Balm
  • The below tips on how to trim a short beard
  • The balls to actually grow through with this

You’re still reading this post, which means you actually have the balls to go through with this and you have no plans to hire a professional to trim your beard for you. Before you even go ahead with this process, I would recommend growing things out to at least 2 centimeters long.

Then, prime your beard for its big operation by washing and drying your beard, before combing it downwards in the direction it naturally grows. Next, you want to give your facial hair a look you’re, well, looking for. It’s best to use a trimmer to shape your neck and cheek lines and to help with the job of cleaning up just below your lower lip.

Take a look a this which can help you make cleaner lines. It doubles as a beard comb — wicked cool! Then trim your beard evenly to whatever length you’re going for with a comb attachment (or zoom wheel, if your trimmer has one. Only the super fancy ones do.). Also, use the longest guard for the first time you shave your beard and work your way to a smaller guard.

This way you won’t accidentally take off too much. It’s better to start small than risking the loss of your sweet, sweet gains. You may not physically feel the pain of the hair coming off too short, but the emotional and psychological pain is brutal. And you’ll be reminded of this when you look to the floor, where mounds of your glorious hairs lie dead on the battlefield.

Now simply comb your beard out, trim any stray hairs around the mustache, and check again for a symmetrical look. I bet that beard of yours is looking pretty crisp now, huh fella? Shave your cheeks and neck last to add the finishing touches for a well-groomed look. Necklines can be tricky to shave correctly, so use these tips. First, tilt your chin slightly.


 Man Trimming Beard Norse


The neckline is considered an inch below the jaw. To make sure you are getting the right cut, move your head at all different angles. Also, pull the skin flat to ensure you don’t miss the hairs in between your neck’s natural rolls. For the cheek line, smile while looking into the mirror (you can practice the devastating grin you want to use on hot babes), and shave along the smile lines up towards your sideburns on each side.

Consider using a safety razor or straight razor to get a more precise line. Then rinse and wipe your face to collect any stray hairs. The difficult part is over. Now is a good time to enjoy a sigh of relief. I hope things turned out pretty good. To finish the trimming process, apply a beard oil to minimize redness, itching, and irritation, followed by a beard balm to style your beard into the perfect position.

And Voila! I wish I could see the before and after pictures because I bet you just went from hobo fabulous to every girl’s fantasy. Your beard probably looks as though it was chiseled by Michelangelo himself. It should be molded into a statue and placed on display in some kind of beard museum. Just as a little FYI: unlike long beards that need to be shaved less often, short beards may need to be trimmed every other day to keep looking clean and well-defined.

But now that you’ve learned how to trim a short beard in the above tips, it should be no problem. With some practice, it will be as easy as brushing your teeth to keep that short beard of yours looking tidy. Grab yourself a lollipop, kid. This haircut is done, you did great, and the beard gods are smiling their friggin’ butts off! Now, get out there and put your best face forward. And always remember, keep on growing that beard! 

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