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5 Common Beard Problems - And Their Solutions

5 Common Beard Problems - And Their Solutions

September 23, 2018

One of the most common mistakes newbie beard bros commit is thinking that the ONLY problem you could face when it comes to the majestic field of beard growing is the inability to foster a luscious patch of facial hair on your own.

But, of course, having a thick, magnificent face forest presents a whole new set of potential problems you could, well, face (no pun intended).

You know what they say: mo’ facial hair, mo’ problems. Okay, you heard that one here first, but you get the gist. So, what exactly are these pesky predicaments we’re talking about? Well, allow us to enlighten you with the 5 most common beard problems!

Of course, what good would that do if we didn’t tell you the solution as well? So, without further ado, arm yourselves with some valuable beard knowledge, gallant beardsman!

1. The Dreaded (Beard) Dandruff

Just because beards grow on faces instead of scalps does not mean — not by one bit — that it’s safe from dandruff. After all, you shouldn’t keep forgetting that beards ARE hairs, and so could fall victim to many of the same problems. So, where does beard dandruff, or beardruff, come from? Like regular dandruff (you know, the one that could appear on your scalp hair), it’s caused by dry, flaking hairs and skin. This happens when both your face bush and facial skin aren’t getting enough of that sweet, sweet moisture to keep it lively and full. And you simply just can’t blame the weather or climate for that; even the simple act of over-rinsing your face and beard could lead to dandruff. So, if you can’t use water to moisturize it, what’s a beardsman to do?

The Fix

For one, you could try using grapeseed oil. This essential oil is a very potent moisturizer and, even better, it is able to keep in that moisture unlike water, which just evaporates after a short period and causes your skin to chap. Additionally, you won’t have to worry about the texture and smell of grapeseed oil considering that it has a rather thin consistency to it and has no distinct odor to it. We included grapeseed oil in our growth oil, along with 8 other natural oils to rescue your beard.

2. The Atrocious (Beard) Acne

Whereas beard dandruff is caused by dry skin and hair, beard acne is the opposite: it stems from having overly greasy skin, hair, or both! Of course, it comes as no exaggeration when we say how irritating and ultimately uncomfortable acne could be, so it’s only right that you’re able to protect yourself from this.

The Fix

First off, acne is something that could easily be contracted with the simple act of shaving, when dirt, bacteria, and ingrown hairs irritate your follicles. As such, you’re going to need something to keep these pesky bacteria at bay. To do that, we suggest you try using jojoba oil as it is very similar to the natural oil your body produces. It’s non-greasy, a natural antiseptic and an anti-bacterial, so it will keep your skin clean and clear. It will also reduce swelling and redness with its anti-inflammatory properties. Of course, jojoba oil was included in the 9 ingredients in our NORSE beard oil.

3. The Big Bad Beard Brittles

Beard brittleness can be attributed to two things. First, the genetic dice simply rolled in favor of you having some stiff hairs and, second — not to mention an easier problem to contend with — it could simply just be due to a lack of moisturizing on your part. In either case, though, this problem can be fixed.

The Fix

Hey, we said it’s fixable, but we didn’t say it’s going to be as simple as having us tell you a specific type of essential oil to put on your mug. This can be a great help in order to prevent split ends on your beard. You see, the first thing you have to consider when dealing with a brittle beard is knowing exactly how brittle or stiff it is. From there, you can determine what specific kind of beard oil you’re going to need. We are going to tell you this, though: brittle beards are usually fixed by oils that either moisturize, soften, or a combination of both. Try NORSE Growth Oil which includes oils which do all of those things and more.

4. The Infinitely Irritating Itch!

No one is safe from itchiness, especially a beardsman. The problem is, identifying the cause of this problem is a pretty tedious task. For one, it could be caused by an allergic reaction to your beard care products. For another, it could be coming from those untamed beard hairs that are poking and piercing your skin. Another reason still is that it could be from acne. One thing is common among these three, of course: it’s all caused by irritation.

The Fix

Once you’ve properly identified what’s causing that irritating itch, we suggest that you either change shampoos or your beard oil to be all natural. if it’s due to those things. If not, then try combing your beard regularly to keep those strands away from your skin and reduce irritation. However, it always helps if you could also use some argan or avocado oil on your beard to get the necessary pH balance you need; and the right amount of vitamin E.

5. The Crazy Annoying Thinness

Like we said at the beginning of this article, this is the problem that most budding beardsmen face. In fact, we’d even go as to say that this is the primary problem that guys who have yet to grow their first face bush need to deal with. Now, there are a variety of reasons that a man’s beard can’t seem to get that desired body: genetics, poor skin health, hair shape, etc. So, what should you do about this?

The Fix

Beard Problems

We recommend three things:

1. More Exercise: The hormone we know and love called testosterone promotes beard thickness and follicle stimulation. And a secondary hormone called dihydrotestosterone, also referred to as DHT, increases beard growth. And you produce these hormones when you exercise.

2. Healthy Eating: Sometimes your beard is struggling because the hair follicles are just simply not getting enough vitamins and nutrients. Eat healthy and your beard will follow suit.

3. Natural Beard Oil: Beard oil helps moisturise and clean out that dead skin so it’s fertile for growth. It also provides nourishment for the hair follicles to grow stronger and healthier. 

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