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How To Cure And Prevent Split Ends On Your Beard

How To Cure And Prevent Split Ends On Your Beard

November 11, 2019

After investing so much time and effort into growing out your incredible beard, I’m sure you want to make sure it’s looking in top condition. There’s nothing worse than a beard, once full of potential and creating all kinds of fangirls, now hanging limp and looking sorry on your face. 

Similar to having long hair, if you’re not careful, split ends can occur on beards. And the maintenance is usually not as simple as a quick trim here and there. Split ends will make your beard feel rough and prickly, and that’s no fun for anyone — especially your lover(s). Even worse, they’ll make you look like a scraggly old pirate who’s been out to sea too long. 

But don’t fret, Captain Whackbeard. We’ve put together some top tips to keep the seagulls from pecking at your beard because they mistake it as a dead squirrel. Once you go through our tips for how to prevent, followed by the cures for split ends, your beard will be seaworthy and maybe even able to seduce a few mermaids.


Of course, it’s better to keep your beard free from split ends from the start, rather than having to go backward and frantically try to save your sick beard. Sometimes split ends can get to be so bad that there’s not much you can do but get to sheering. And isn’t that a tale of a bearded tragedy? Let’s try and avoid that, shall we?

Towel dry

When your beard is freshly washed, dry it with a towel and not a hairdryer. Excessive heat causes dry and damaged hair which can lead to split ends. So leave your sister’s hairdryer in her room where it belongs. 

Apply beard oil

Beard oil will keep your luscious strands nice and healthy. Some beard oils even contain natural ingredients which have been scientifically proven to prevent split ends. Our specially formulated oil contains nine of these ingredients. By applying this oil to your beard, your follicles will (probably) be strong enough to curl weights (don’t try this at home. We are not liable for any beard-related injuries you may incur).  

Brush/comb it

It’s as important to brush your beard as it is to brush your hair. This act of regular maintenance prevents tangles, damage, and keeps the split ends at bay. Invest in a high-quality comb or brush for optimal results. If you have a thick beard, combs are a better choice because they prevent tugging.

Don’t get baked

One of my favorite things about the mighty beard is its ability to protect the skin from sunburn. It’s like your own personal face shield. But the thing is, Mr. Sun is pretty dang powerful and if you allow it to pummel that shield of yours for too long, it will get burned. In other words, your beard will end up drying out and becoming brittle, which leads to split ends. So know when it’s time to catch some shade. 

Go au naturel

Some beard products out there contain harmful chemicals which can actually cause split ends. Silly right? Reach for beard oils, balms, and waxes which contain ingredients you can actually pronounce, to ensure what you’re putting on your body doesn’t cause more harm than good. 


So maybe you didn’t expect your beard to require any maintenance. Perhaps you thought you could just grow some hair on your face and everything would be okay. I mean, sometimes, and despite your parents grave warnings, you go days without having a shower or brushing your teeth. And you’re still alive, right? 

But this kind of neglect doesn’t work with beards. If you continue ignoring your beard’s beardly needs, slowly but surely, your beard will develop a serious case of split ends. 

When this happens, is it too late? Should you just start again? Don’t worry, my friend; we’ve got some helpful advice for you to cure your precious beard if this happens to you.

Apply beard oil

Yes, not only do some beard oils prevent split ends, but they can also cure them. Seriously, check out this beard oil jam-packed with natural ingredients. It will rescue your beard and keep it performing at the highest level.

Trim your beard

It’s not as scary as it sounds. If your split ends are out of control, sometimes the only way to cure them is to snip them off. I know. It sounds blasphemous. But we’re not talking about a full-on face shave, merely a trim of the split ends to make your beard look neat and tidy. Maybe you can get your mom to hold your hand while you do it. 

Change your diet

Try and eat vitamin-rich and protein-packed food to improve the condition of your beard, and avoid those pesky split ends. You can find the fastest growing cells in your hair and nails, so it’s important to eat things like fish, fruits and veggies, nuts, kidney beans, and chicken to fuel them.

Take a supplement

It might be a good idea to look into beard supplements if you’re struggling to get enough vitamins in your diet. Just make sure you do some thorough research. And keep a lookout for Biotin in the ingredients; it’s a B Complex Vitamin that has been shown to impact hair growth. Our beard supplement contains biotin and has been designed explicitly for beard growth. It is also filled with ingredients known to cure split ends. 

As with everything, diet is so crucial for the beard-growing community. You can only keep a healthy beard if your body is healthy too. Lotions and potions will only work for so long until those annoying split ends make their reappearance. 

Look, we would hate for you to shave off your beard just because you’re struggling with split ends. As we’ve outlined above, it’s a preventable and curable condition, as long as you are willing to make a few minor adjustments. Eat healthy, take your vitamins, use beard specific products like beard oil, and if all else fails, give your beard a little trim. We hope these tips for how to cure and prevent split ends help, and remember (as always), keep on growing!

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