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Do women find men with beards attractive?

Do women find men with beards attractive?

November 25, 2019

There are a number of factors that come into play when determining the attractiveness of a man. Masculinity, proper grooming, and really sweet calves are among them, but women’s preferences go beyond these attributes. Sometimes there’s that one thing which can tie everything together. Perhaps a beard? 

To answer the question of whether women find men with beards to be attractive, we must do something fairly obvious: ask women their thoughts on the matter. Thus, researchers have embarked on a noble quest to demystify this mystery doing just that. 

While developing our all-natural growth oil, we came across a few of these studies, and we’d like to share the astonishing results with you below. 

🥁 Drum roll, please 🥁

In 2008, Neave and Shields conducted research on the effect beards have on men’s attractiveness to women, along with the different perceptions of this attractiveness. The analysis was based on long and short-term relationships, with women giving their preferences. Mainly, their opinions would be needed to determine the masculinity, attractiveness, and dominance of men with stubble, beards, and a clean-shaven face. 

The research revealed that women were more inclined to fall for men with stubble as opposed to clean-shaven men in both categories. And those with full beards? These bushy men were perceived to be more socially mature, masculine and aggressive. Men with light beards were seen as the most dominant.

A similar study was carried out by Dixson and Brooks with similar results in 2013. Men with stubble dominated the short-term relationships and one-night-stand kind of affairs, but when it came to the long-term, the full-bearded men won by a landslide. It was apparent that most women preferred men with full beards as they viewed them as more responsible and fit for starting families and raising kids.

So yeah, it’s scientifically proven that beards are what women want. So you just gotta ask yourself… What do you want? Let’s extrapolate the data and put a plan in action, shall we?

It’s kind of funny how things played out in the studies. A short beard will attract short-term lovers, whereas a long beard attracts women wanting long-term who are more likely to want long-term relationships with you. 

Having stubble trouble? I highly recommend taking an all-natural growth supplement. It will help things come in fuller and give your face that scruff which is irresistible to the ladies. And don’t forget to work on your active listening and maybe learn a couple of magic tricks (chicks totally love magic, amirite?).

Want to go the distance with your beard and your lover? Try an all-natural growth oil. It will help you burst past terminal length and lead to a thicker, longer beard. You’ll be seen as the provider and the someone who women want to have kids with. 

The full beard shows a sense of responsibility from the onset, and it broadcasts maturity, which is not the case with the other men. This, however, does not mean you don’t need to tend to your beard. You still need to keep that shit under control.

Research shows that most people with beards are in a position to build a rapport with random women easier than those without, and it makes them stand out in a crowd of people. It is, however, important to note that even for beard lovers, it’s not that attractive if everyone in the room has one. Women are more attracted to uniqueness, and they find attraction in outstanding features. 

A practical example is where a woman might be asked to choose from a group of bearded men, who she would find most attractive. At ceteris paribus, all the men are handsome in their own way, depending on the woman’s preference. From her perspective, you will be surprised to know that the options are not as many as you might think. Beards are not the only parameters that define attractiveness in men. There other factors that come to play. These may include grooming, the voice of the man, and his physique, among many others.

What of those without beards? Are they completely fucked? No, of course not. Not every woman out there is looking for a bearded man or would find one beautiful for that matter. There are women who like clean-shaven men (believe it or not). But let’s be honest, you’re probably better off with a beard. 

A trip down memory lane reveals some of the ideologies embedded in growing beards. In the medieval ages, they were grown to protect men from dust particles getting to their mouths and also for keeping warm. This appearance made them more intimidating and commanded respect to other people in society. Beards were taken seriously then. In some instances, if you touched another man’s beard, it was found highly offensive.

People of the high class in ancient Rome were shaved by their slaves and those who didn’t own any went to barbershops in the streets of the city. The culture of shaving was introduced and was embraced by many who started trimming them for fashion and good looks. Most people shaved for different reasons, and it became a culture spread all across Europe and the world. Philosophers did not fall for these trends though, and they maintained their long beards which became a landmark in identifying them and other scholars.

Different styles were developed as the years went on, such as the chin curtain which was introduced by the former American president Abraham Lincoln, and was characteristic of a hanging beard below the chin.

With the shifting times, beards have been embraced as a symbol of masculinity, respect, and attractiveness. It doesn’t take fancy studies conducted by men in white lab coats to know this. Grow a beard, walk out onto the street, and discover the ravenous looks you get from women. Then you’ll know the real answer to whether women find men with beards attractive. 

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