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Why You Should Brush Your Beard Daily

Why You Should Brush Your Beard Daily

September 23, 2018

Along with some testicles, a penis, and functionless nipples, a beard is one of those things that makes a man, well, look like a man.

Even though beards are great for showing off these manly attributes, they can be quite difficult to care for and even become unruly if they are not properly maintained. That’s why it’s a great idea to brush your beard on the daily.

Doing this will help you make sure you improve one of your best manly assets, you know, the one that others see daily — your face. And this is especially true if you combine it with an all natural growth oil.

Just like the hair on your head (if you’re lucky enough to have some still), your beard also needs attention. But, there are some do’s and don’ts when it comes to brushing your beard, which has been put forward below.

We all know that some beards grow in any direction they want, no matter how hard you try to contain them. The hair in your beard grows at different lengths than your cheekbones to your chin and jawline, and in all different directions. It has a mind of its own. The best way to fight this is to use a beard comb or a beard brush.

Beard Combs and Brushes are a THING!

At first glance, you might think that the whole idea of having a specific comb or brush reserved for your beard is just another cash grab by the monopoly man and his stupid monocle.

On the contrary, the way you cater to the needs of your head hair and your beard are pretty different, with brushing it one of the less immediately noticeable ones.

But, the thing is that the consistency of your head hair and facial hair are different, where one tends to be thicker than the other, respectively. As such, beards are more susceptible to becoming misshapen throughout the day if you don’t observe proper brushing or combing.

Why use a beard brush or beard comb?

There are two very important things to consider when choosing what to brush or comb your beard with: material and shape.

The Material

Like we said earlier, beard hairs are thinner than your head hair, therefore more prone to becoming tangled and losing their shape. As such, it’s important to know the kind of material you should opt for when choosing your beard brush or comb.

To start with, let us tell you right away that you should never – again, NEVER – try using brushes or combs that have plastic or metal bristles or teeth.

These things tend to conduct static electricity and would only serve to further tangle and make your beard become more unruly. Even worse, regularly using this material could have your facial hair ending up permanently tangles and misshapen. Instead, look for a comb or brush with wooden teeth.

These things don’t generate any electricity at all, which means you won’t ever have to worry about getting tangles and other facial hair problems. As an alternative, materials like cellulose acetate and natural hairs (boar hair, horse hair, etc.) also have the same effect as wood, so look for brushes and combs that use these materials.

The Shape

If you’ll notice, most hair combs don’t have even teeth; most of them go from wide to narrow gaps between each, and that’s used to accommodate for your head’s shape. The similar thing applies to normal hair brushes, which have curved surfaces. When it comes to beards, however, you’re looking for nothing other than uniformity. You see, a man’s facial hair hangs down from his face, so your goal here is to make them as even as possible. That’s something only a proper beard comb or brush can do.

Why Even Brush or Comb it?

That’s the question now, isn’t it? There are specific reasons and benefits for combing your beard. Allow us to name a few for you.

Ingrown Hair Prevention

Ingrown hairs are some of the most irritating facial hair problems a man can have, whether they’re growing a beard or not: they sting, itch, and more often than not leave dark spots on your face. If you must ask, ingrown hairs are those strands that grow under your skin, which is caused by your follicles not being able to push them out into the open. However, combing or brushing your beard helps make sure that your skin is gently scraped and stimulated enough for your follicles to push out those strands of hair. As a result, you can say goodbye to all those pesky ingrown strands!

Keeping those Hairs in Line

A beard that’s all over the place is unsightly for a proper beardsman. Not to mention, having those strands of hair going in all directions fails you to make the most out of your hard-earned face forest. Given that, what you have to do is make sure that those strands are evenly lined up not just for the sake of style, but for the sake of hygiene as well. Sure, it makes you more presentable, but the fact that a uniformly lined beard provides less of a risk of having bits of dirt and food caught up in it makes you safer!

Clearing that Opening

Here’s a little secret for you: regularly brushing or combing your beard allows them to bend and keep that shape almost permanently after some time. Especially if we’re talking about the part around your mouth, this is especially important in not making a mess during meal time. After all, we don’t want any bits of cheese or soup hanging around your gob, right?

It’s all about Control

Sure, beard growing is one of Momma Nature’s gifts to men, but that doesn’t mean you can’t play around a bit with it. As such, combing and brushing is the best way to shape your beard to the style you desire.

Even Distribution

Beard balms and beard oils help keep your beard and face clean and fresh on a daily basis. However, merely applying them with your hands doesn’t spread them throughout your whole beard properly.

As such, applying these oils or balms before combing or brushing helps you evenly distribute them all throughout, which means all parts of your beard get the right amount of nutrients they need.

Well, what are you doing still reading this article? Have you brushed your beard today? You should probably go and do that now because if you read this article, you’d know you’re supposed to brush it daily. Get on it.

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