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Things To Ask Your Barber Before A Beard Trim

Things To Ask Your Barber Before A Beard Trim

October 26, 2019

Ah, the barber: one of the best friends a man can have, right up there with dogs and that nude PVC figure of that anime character you have the hots for. Seriously, though, a friendly neighborhood barber is – or at least could possibly be – one of the most valuable resources any beard lover could have. If you’re new to the whole beard styling game, the barber is the resident expert and mentor who could teach you the ropes. If you’re a seasoned beard brother, then they are the ones who are there to take the load off styling your face forest for you on those days that you’re just not feeling up to it. In any case, you get our point.

However, going to a barbershop and sitting on that holiest of chairs is not enough for you to make the most out of the experience. After all, a barber – no matter how good – is a craftsman for your beard and hair; mind readers they are not. So, in case you’re not familiar with what to do, or perhaps you’re a man looking for a refresher on this subject, allow us to give you the things to ask your barber before a beard trim!

Why trim it at all?

One of the most common mistakes rookie beard growers out there make is thinking that cultivating a patch of fine facial hair is just a matter of letting it grow from their follicles without so much as a single strand being plucked or trimmed in the process. That, of course, is not correct: beards require a whole lot more nuance to it. And that’s where regular trimmings come in, to make sure that you don’t end up with a hobo special. Especially if you’re a novice to the whole beard game, barbers become one of the best options when it comes to providing this service.

But, like we said, your barber couldn’t possibly know precisely what you’re going for, so it’s your responsibility to give them an idea that will serve as the guideline with which they could work their magic hands on.

First things first!

Remember that the style and overall look of your beard is specific to the man who wears it. As such, the primary thing to consider when you get to your barbershop and sit in that chair is knowing what you need to do to keep your beard clean and what you want it to look like. From there, your barber will know which tools and skills to use.

The Trim

So, this is your first time going to the barbershop specifically to get your beard done. The first question you must be asking yourself is how to find a good barber. Well, you should be at ease to find out that there are almost no unskillful barbers around. After all, the fact that they have their own booth at the local barbershop means they have the chops to work on your, well, chops (and the rest of your beard, of course).

However, if you feel really pressed in finding just the right barber for you, try one that’s been recommended by one of your trusted friends, or feel free to do a quick internet search of the top barbershops around your area. Heck, if you have no problem talking to strangers, then go on and ask a respectable beardsman if you come across them on the street.

Finally, no, barbers don’t exclusively work on head hair; these are experts when it comes to men’s grooming, so beards are well within their wheelhouse.

The Initial Meeting

Once you’re in that barber’s chair, what’s the first thing you should do? Should you just tell them to trim and shave away? Of course not! Just like a regular check-up at the doctor’s office, the first thing you have to do is give your barber an idea of how your beard is doing in order for them to get a proper idea of what they’re working with. To do this, simply inform them of the last time you trimmed your beard – or your budding patch of facial hair. Doing that gives your barber an idea on the rate with which your beard grows and a general idea of its natural shape and style. Additionally, this allows them to adjust their techniques to suit your needs.

Also, it really helps a lot if you could tell your barber what style you’re going for. This is where your personal preferences come in, so make sure you’re as clear as possible when you explain the style and shape you want to your barber.

Setting that aside, we can now go to the questions you need to ask them in case you want to style and groom your beard at home.

Question I: The Shave Line

Knowing the right shave line determines whether you end up looking like Bigfoot or a burly, handsome lumberjack, so make sure that your barber is able to explain where to set your shave line around your jaw or neck and your cheeks.

Question II: The Style

Sure, choosing the right beard style is all up to the man who dons it, but it always helps getting a second opinion. Go on and ask what your barber thinks of the style you’re going for, whether it’ll be right for your face’s shape or not. Don’t be surprised if they suggest other styles; these people are experts who know what they’re doing, after all.

Question III: The Return

Depending on the style and shape you’re going to sport, the frequency with which you get a beard trim varies. As such, this becomes one of the most important questions you have to ask your barber, which makes their job easier and your beard all the more easier to style.

Question IV: The Maintenance

Finally, get everything you need to know about how to maintain the beard style you want until you and your barber meet again by asking them what specific products and routines you should do. Perhaps they might suggest specific essential oils, like the ones in Norse Grooming Growth Oil, or perhaps a certain style to comb it. In any case, it’s important that you keep your face forest primed for styling.

And with that, we’re sure you’ll find the perfect beard expert there for you. Keep it growing, guys!

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