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Think Before Using Minoxidil For Beard Growth

Think Before Using Minoxidil For Beard Growth

November 06, 2019

It’s been touted as one of the best products for hair growth, with beards being no exception to that; it’s been heavily debated within beard circles, with some claiming it as the best thing since sliced bread while others think it’s a all a bunch of facial hair hooey; and it’s a staple in the market today, with a bottle of pills, capsules, or topical ointments readily available for purchase to the aspiring beardsman. We’re talking of none other than minoxidil.

Ever since it’s been discovered that this drug originally meant to regulate blood pressure had the rather fortunate side effect of being a hair growth stimulant, minoxidil has been a staple in conversations between men – and women – with balding issues. But what if we told you that this particular substance isn’t as safe as a lot of brands and companies claim to be? What if we told you should think before using minoxidil on your beard? Well, that’s what we’re here to do.

And don’t worry: we’re not here to spread fear with a bunch of tinfoil hat theories; we’re here to drop some knowledge on you, future beard warrior!

Why so serious?

A lot – if not all – drugs out there have side effects, and considering that minoxidil’s hair growth properties themselves are indeed side effects, we won’t hold it against you if you thought that that is the end of that. After all, you can’t get side effects with side effects, right? RIGHT?

WRONG! Whether you call it a “side side-effect” or an extra side effect, minoxidil may cause some unwanted problems if you just go at it like a rabbit in heat… for a beard. So, what exactly happens if you’re not careful with this thing? Allow us to elaborate on that:

1. Remember, remember…

Minoxidil is – or at least, was – meant to regulate high blood pressure. If you use it without the proper care required, you’d end up with problems associated with lowered blood pressure (you know, the exact thing that minoxidil was meant to do). As such, you’ll end up feeling bouts of dizziness; you’re going to feel lightheaded and all spaced out; and then there’s the headaches. You might even faint!

2. Watch that weight

If you’re taking minoxidil, you might have noticed that you’ve started jonesing for more food than you usually do. No, it’s not because you just watched Gordon Ramsay sear some tuna while berating some poor intern; it’s from the minoxidil, actually. Another side effect of the substance is increased appetite, so make sure you don’t gorge on too much food when you’re on it, as tempting as it may seem.

3. Messed up body clock

This is one of the most alarming side effects you could get from taking minoxidil: your sleep pattern goes to –excuse the French, but there’s no other way of putting this – shit. Minoxidil could mess up with your sleep receptors, making you feel sleepy during times when you’d normally be full of energy and vice-versa. So, this just means you should take all the more care before taking this drug.

4. Heart Bumps

Ever had that feeling when you’ve drunk one too many cups of coffee and your heart feels like it’s going to burst the way it’s pumping hard and fast inside you? It’s the same feeling you get when you’re faced with something terrifying, like a pack of hungry man-eating wolves or Trump’s ass crack. Guess what! Minoxidil could give you those same heart palpitations if you go overboard with it!

5. Bloatedness

There’s no other word for being bloated: it’s uncomfortable. Sure, it passes after some time and we can consider this one of the more minor side effects of minoxidil. Still, would you rather be bloated a couple of times every few weeks while overdosing on minoxidil or not at all? We’re betting you’d prefer the latter.

6. HAIR GROWTH… In all the wrong places

Speaking of getting more than you bargained for, remember that minoxidil is a hair growth product, not a beard growth product. That means taking in the substance means you’re growing hair throughout your whole body and not just your face. As such, don’t be surprised if your pubes starts to look like Austin Powers’s chesthair, or if you’re leg hairs start to go all Cousin It on you.

We can’t stress this enough: stop using minoxidil if you experience any of these. What are you to do, then? Well, first off, go to a doctor even before you start your medication so you can determine just the right amount you’ll need. Failing that, just drop that bottle of minoxidil and wait it out. If the symptoms still persist, then get checked. Hey, safety before beard growth. Always remember that!

The Proper Way

So, let’s say you haven’t experienced any adverse side effects from using minoxidil. That doesn’t mean you can’t keep yourself as safe as possible. With that in mind, allow us to give you this little two-step guide on how to properly use the drug, thereby distancing you from any trouble and maximizing its benefits.

1. Cleanse

Use a Ph-balanced cleanser on your face first. This will make sure your face has the right moisture, acidity, and microbes in it that will help you further avoid any unwanted problems you might encounter with minoxidil.

2. Use liquid minoxidil

To make sure that you’re growing hair where you want it, use liquid minoxidil. The question now is how much? 1ml of the stuff works; just spread it on your face with your finger or a piece of cotton. And use a dropper to gauge the right amount. Then, leave it on your face for about four hours, rinse it, and finally you have to use a ph-balanced moisturizer to wrap things up. This allows your face’s skin to recover from the minoxidil.

Finally, don’t expect to have a thick forest growing out your face after just a week or so of using liquid minoxidil. It’s going to take some time before you see some beard growth. And as always, safety first, guys!


Just use something all-natural

If you want to avoid the negative side effects, then try a 100% natural growth oil. It will bring your stagnant hairs back to life and promote a longer, thicker beard. And you won’t have to worry about getting heart palpitations because it’s made from ingredients which are actually good for you.

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