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The 13 Most Memorable Beards From Hollywood

The 13 Most Memorable Beards From Hollywood

November 16, 2019

Throughout history, Hollywood has given us some of the most memorable worlds and stories that make the world we’re living in more bearable, even if just for a little bit. Specifically speaking, it’s thanks to actors who have dedicated their bodies to their respective roles that allowed viewers to be hypnotized and identify with the characters their playing. And when it comes to these portrayals, one of the most memorable things you could remember are those perfect, seemingly inhuman facial hairs that various characters in TV and movies brandish. With that in mind, we came up with the 13 most memorable beards from Hollywood! Be inspired and grow your own marvelous face forest. You’re welcome, guys!

  1. Thor, from the Marvel Cinematic Universe 

Throughout Marvel Studios’ decade in existence, Thor has lost his girl, his dad, his Asgardian brethren, and even his hair. But one thing remains constant in the franchise: Thor needs a beard. After all, what kind of Norse god would he be if he had a clean-shaven mug? A lousy one, that’s what!

  1. Hagrid, from the Harry Potter franchise

Ah, Hagrid! Thanks to you, The Boy Who Lived was able to escape his unfortunate existence of living in cupboards and getting hassled by a bunch of mean, fat relatives and start life as a wizard in training. Even more impressive is the fact that Hagrid, Harry Potter’s resident mythical beast expert, did it all with a flying tricycle and, of course, a thick brown beard. We won’t be surprised if we found a baby hippogriff or house elf living inside that thing. In fact, Warner Bros. better make a movie about that!

  1. Albus Dumbledore, from the Harry Potter franchise

Now, if there’s one beard that could contest Hagrid’s full-bodied face bush, it’s Dumbledore’s. And it’s just perfect: the headmaster of Hogwarts was Hagrid’s mentor, after all. Perhaps what makes Dumbledore stand out among the various bearded characters of Hollywood is the fact that this is one character that just seems perfect to have a long-ass beard on him. We mean, come on! It’s just unimaginable to think of a grand old wizard without a respectable beard, and Dumbledore went above and beyond that!

  1. Leonidas, from 300

It just seems like yesterday when we saw 300 in theaters. The movie based on the legendary Frank Miller’s eponymous graphic novel provided blood, gore, and 1000x more testosterone that we’re surprised no one instantly grew a beard the moment they watched it. And that’s all thanks to Gerard Butler’s portrayal of King Leonidas, with neatly trimmed pointy beard and all.

  1. Gandalf, from Lord of the Rings

If there’s one fictional character that comes to mind whenever the words “wizard beard” are uttered, it’s definitely Gandalf. So much so, that we think Ian McKellen’s portrayal of Middle Earth’s preeminent wizard set the standard for all fantasy beards that followed it. Yes, we’d even go so far as to say that Gandalf edges out both Hagrid and Dumbledore. Deal with it!

  1. Chuck Noland, from Cast Away

Where the characters we’ve listed here so far grew their beards out of a sense of style, Tom Hanks’ Chuck Noland did it for survival. Sure, most people remember Cast Away for Wilson, but true beardsmen the world over have Chuck’s hobo-like mess of facial hair standing on a pedestal, and rightfully so!

  1. Clubber Lang, from the Rocky franchise

Any list of memorable movie beards won’t be complete without including Mr. T’s Clubber Lang. There’s simply no other word to describe it other than “badass”. Even more amazing, though, is when you consider that Mr. T didn’t actually took on the Clubber Lang character; it’s the other way around.

  1. Abraham Lincoln, from Lincoln



Speaking of getting into your role, Daniel Day-Lewis yet again proved the world that he would do anything – and we mean anything – for the character he’s playing. In this case, Day-Lewis’ portrayal of honest Abe showed the world that sometimes an authentic chin strap (you know, none of those stick-on beards) is essential in coming out with a great movie.

  1. Tony Stark, from Iron Man

Although not the thickest beard on this list, Robert Downey, Jr.’s Tony Stark shows us that it’s all about how a guy brandishes his beard. You know, it’s like that old adage about it not being about the size of the boat and more about the motion of the ocean. Tony Stark’s beard is iconic. ‘Nuff said.

  1. Hans Gruber, from Die Hard


It’s hard to believe that it’s been around three decades since Hans Gruber fell off the Nakatomi Tower and became a legend to fans throughout the whole world. Of course, we’re not saying Alan Rickman’s portrayal didn’t have anything to do with it, but that neatly trimmed chinstrap and van dyke combo he got going on sure helped establish Gruber as one of movie history’s best villains.

  1. Madame Truska, from The Vampire’s Assistant


Ah, Madame Truska and her magical face bush. What, just because she’s a woman doesn’t mean she doesn’t have any right to be on this list. In fact, Madame Truska’s mystical beard is the kind that makes guys either green with envy.

  1. Steve Zissou, from The Life Aquatic

It’s a known fact that everything Bill Murray stars in is gold, and his collaboration with director Wes Andersen in The Life Aquatic is no exception to that. We’re telling you, when Bill Murray’s Steve Zissou character went onscreen with that stylish fisherman’s beard, fans immediately followed suit.

  1. King Triton, from The Little Mermaid


There are just some things that even the best actor couldn’t pull off. Case in point: King Triton’s beard. Of course, considering it’s a cartoon, there’s only a very, very, VERY slim chance us mortals could grow a face forest like that. Just look at it! It’s long, thick, full and flowing. The ideal beard it truly is.

Do you know any memorable beards from Hollywood that we haven’t mentioned? Let us know in the comments! ‘Til then, keep it growing, guys!

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