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How To Properly Groom A Curly Beard: Five Quick Beard Grooming Tips

How To Properly Groom A Curly Beard: Five Quick Beard Grooming Tips

December 27, 2019

While curly beards do have their benefits, like looking fuller and bushier than straight-haired beards with the same amount of hair, there’s no denying the fact that a curly beard can be unruly at the best of times and that taming it can be a lesson in patience. Sometimes it can feel like wrestling a tangled up octopus. Or at least I would imagine. My hair is straight, and I’ve never picked a fight with an octopus.

Luckily, we’re here to offer you some quick beard grooming tips to break that wild mane of yours and get it to straighten up its act. 

1. Use the right tools

What have you got in your beard grooming toolkit? Taking care of a curly beard comes down to using the right styling tools, especially since they tend to tangle very easily. Here are a few must-have tools to manage that wild and curly beard of yours:

Wide tooth comb: wider teeth will more gracefully flow through your luscious curls without getting caught. 

Boar bristle brush: not only are these brushes more gentle on your hair, but the natural oils in the bristles can also help the overall appearance and health of your beard.

Beard oil: will keep your beard hairs soft and smooth, rather than rough and brittle. It’s typically advised to use a good quality beard oil at least once a day. 

Beard balm: the best way to tame and control your hair is with beard balm. Think of it as a soft and gentle hair wax which is actually good for your beard. 

…and borrow your sister’s blow dryer or straightening tool if things get out of control and you’ve got a comb stuck in your beard, and your hot date is wondering why you’re late. 

2. Get a trim 

Before you start shaking your head in disgust and feel an uncontrollable urge to slap my beard right off my face; hear me out…

If you start losing the battle and your beard becomes this giant curly monster that consumes everything in its path, you might want to get a trim. Having a little snip is excellent for retaining the shape and style that you prefer, anyway. 

In this time of desperation, it might be a good idea to hire a barber to ensure the job gets done right. You don’t want to get yourself caught attempting to eternally even things out until you are left with nothing.

Also, if you go in to see a professional barber, you can ask them for advice on how to manage your curly beard. They might be able to offer you some unconventional tips and tricks since they work with hair for a living.

3. Use the right shampoos, conditioners, and soaps

Believe it or not, there are specially designed soaps meant for use on beards. Yes, beards are that important. Does armpit hair or pubic hair have its own shampoo? No. Well, maybe. But I’ve never heard of it, and the thought of it is kinda silly. But beard shampoo makes total sense. 

A non-beard shampoo can cause harm to your beard hairs since regular shampoos contain harsh chemicals which will dry out your beard and make it brittle. This can be especially problematic if you have a curly beard. 

You don’t need to wash your beard every single day because washing it too much can dry out hair and skin, but it’s important to keep things nice and clean.     

4. Watch out for split ends

Beard hairs are more prone to split ends and rough breakages than the ordinary hair on your head. And since split ends throughout your beard can give you a scruffy and unruly appearance, it’s important to keep their number to a minimum. 

To prevent split ends, be gentle with your beard when washing and drying it (and as mentioned previously, make sure to use beard-specific hygiene products when you do). When you go to brush and detangle it, be calm and methodical; being too forceful or rushed while brushing can lead to further damage since wet or damp hair breaks more easily than dry hair.

5. Be mindful of hygiene

I get it. Some of you bearded champions may spend lots of time in the bush or work manly, dirty jobs. But as mentioned above, it’s important to keep your beard clean. If your beard becomes too dirty or dry, it will be become much harder to groom. It can become greasy, oily, tangled, knotted, and downright naughty if you go too long without washing it. This can become a nightmare for the curly bearded gentlemen. 

In conclusion, having a curly beard is both a gift and a curse. Let’s be real; the thing is a unique thing of majestic beauty. But it might take a little more maintenance than the average beard.

So be sure to keep those curls clean, hydrated and well groomed. And upgrade beard grooming toolkit to make sure you keep those twirls and swirls under control.

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