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Why Do Guys Grow Beards While Traveling?

Why Do Guys Grow Beards While Traveling?

November 29, 2019

Most of us know why guys sprout some serious bushiness during No-Shave November or when competing in the Stanley Cup playoffs or captaining a pirate ship. But why the frick do guys grow beards while traveling? Is there some kind of backpacking cult? 

To understand this interesting phenomenon, I did a little research into why men even grow beards in the first place. I know; it’s a silly question. Men grow beards because why the f@ck wouldn’t they? But I still wanted to see what science had to say on the matter. 

After some serious digging into the psychology of why, I extracted a bunch of interesting theories. The results on this topic vary, especially depending on which part of the world you search, but for the most part, men grow beards as part of their competitive nature

Some men just want to be the best and the biggest. And growing a big ass beard immediately distinguishes the beard grower from his clean-shaven and peach-fuzzed peers. That’s why you should probably use some all-natural growth oil and beef up that beard of yours. Women see those with beards as manlier, even if the person under said beard is a little bitch who can’t even do a single pushup and has a severe lactose intolerance. Women also perceive men to be manlier when they have lots of muscles or a deeper voice. So if you don’t like exercising too much or you sound like David Beckham, a beard is your best and easiest option.


“Hey man, that’s not cool.”
You read that in a wimpy voice, didn’t you?
Maybe this explains why Becks grew out such a nice beard…


Okay, so now that we know why men even grow beards, let’s dive into why beards so popular in the traveling community. If you’ve been backpacking for any amount of time you’ve probably noticed a significant majority of men hunched over with oversized packs and oversized man-fuzz. The main reason for this is because when you’re traveling, especially for an extended period, you often lack the amenities you enjoy at home. You may be away from a traditional bathroom because you’re camping in the woods, or you’re hiking on a remote trail. As a result, you won’t shower as often, keep your fingernails trimmed, and you guessed it, shave the ol’ cookie duster. 

But what about the men who stay at nice hostels or even go flashpacking in comfortable hotels and private rooms? These people have access to really sweet amenities like showers and sinks, so why do they have beards? Well, these people are still part of the travel community. The beard has become a symbol of said community, and this has spread to all travelers, whether temporary and with the comforts of home or extended and in the bushes. Most male travelers will fit the mold of the typical traveler, regardless of how they do so. The logic behind this can be seen in the police force where everyone has a mustache for some reason or motorcyclists who all have tattoos. 

The interesting thing is, having a beard while traveling is actually super beneficial. It isn’t just a result of the lazy and unkempt traveler life. The beard does much more than woo the local women in the countries you traverse and help you to gain lots of travel buddies. 

Let’s take a look at these benefits, shall we? To begin with, shaving is known to cause cuts, infections, and ingrown hairs. When you let your face just do its thing, you won’t have to face any of these uncomfortable and inconvenient hassles which would suck to deal with while traveling. 

Additionally, your beard will protect you against the sun’s powerful beams. Depending on how thick your beard is, you can expect 95% protection from UV rays. This is great when you’re taking a motorcycle through Central America, or you’re living the beach bum life in Australia.

Why use sunblock when you can grow your own sunblock?


But wait, there’s more! Beards also filter out germs and allergens, kind of like your nostril hairs do. So you’ll be less likely to get some weird contagion from traveling in sketchy areas like most backpackers can’t seem to resist doing. 

And lastly, your beard will keep you insulated and warm when you’re climbing snow-capped mountains in Nepal, or you’re dogsledding across the Yukon. Maybe this is why Santa Claus has that mighty white mane.


Bet you all the ladies will want to cuddle up next to that beard by the fireplace come wintertime.


Now that you’ve learned all these beardly benefits, it’s pretty clear to see that beards are truly the perfect travel buddies — possibly even more useful than a Swiss Army knife or a set of binoculars. Most travelers grow crumb catcher from a lack of facilities, or just overall laziness, but as it turns out, it’s actually super useful to carry a big-ol’ beard with that backpack of yours!

Are you planning to do some traveling? Make sure to bulk up your toiletry bag with the essentials for your travel beard. It’s easy to fall into a laid-back, bum while on the road, but I assure you that it’s important to take care of things. We carry all kinds of all natural goods which will keep your beard extra soft, tame, and thick. And for you off-the-grid travelers, you’ll be happy to know you don’t need a mirror or sink to use any of these products. I recommend getting started before you take off to make sure your body is ready to achieve greatness on your face. 

Bon voyage, my bearded brother. I have a feeling this travel beard is really going to grow on you, and you’re going to want to keep it when you arrive back on home soil. Your old flames will be glad you did. 


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