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Does Biotin Increase Beard Growth?

Does Biotin Increase Beard Growth?

December 18, 2019

Some men are lucky enough to be able to sprout hair from their faces like freaking weeds. It’s insane. It seems like they go from a Michael Cera level of beardedness to Grizzly Adams in a couple of days. On the other hand, it takes some of us several years of determination and yelling at our beard and crying on the bathroom floor in moments of desperation, just to create a sparsely peppered growth of peach fuzz. Genes can be so cruel sometimes.

If you struggle to achieve the full beard that you strive for, then you may be interested in learning more about a magical little vitamin called biotin. Seriously, this thing is complete and utter.

What Is Biotin?

Biotin is an essential B7 vitamin. It’s vital for the body as it allows you to metabolize carbohydrates for energy, produce vital fatty acids, and most relevant for us beard scholars, it promotes healthy skin, nails, and hair. Yes, hair, so get lots into that belly of yours. 

Your body naturally produces the basic amount of biotin for you to survive, but what about the beard, man? You might want to increase your intake of biotin to increase your beardedness. 

What Foods Contain Biotin?


Whole grains

Dairy products






Does Biotin Increase Beard Growth?

Studies have shown that taking biotin over 180 days will help your body naturally produce healthier and stronger hair. It affects all the hair on your body, so it’s the pirate captain’s method to a bigger and badder beard. 

Let’s be realistic though: it’s not going to give you a full lumberjack style beard overnight, but it will increase the quality and volume of hair you are growing. In fact, and listen up, kid: if you are follicly impaired, then a lack of biotin in your diet could be responsible. Beard prosperity is largely dependant on diet. 

Biotin works its magic by beefing up the smaller and thinner hairs you grow, which are often pale in color, into thicker, manlier, and more noticeably colored hairs. This change will make your beard more defined, and give it that, “I was a Viking in a past life,” appearance. The jury is still out on whether or not biotin actually helps you to sprout brand spanking new hairs, though. 

How Long Does It Take To Work?

As mentioned earlier, you won’t see a significant change in your beard growth overnight. It can take around 30 days to begin to see the effects, and around 180 days until your strands really get rocking.

If you stop taking biotin, don’t worry! You won’t lose your gains, like when you stop lifting in the gym and your muscles turn to flab. Those locks on your face will be of the same quality as before you began taking biotin.

How Much Biotin Should You Take?

You don’t need to take a significant dose to see the effects of biotin — around 120 micrograms (mcg) will do. Although, most biotin supplements contain higher doses than 120 mcg. 

Because biotin is water-soluble, and it’s not stored in the body, any excess can easily pass through without any issues. So no worries, big guy! It’s not going to hurt you if you take a little too much. 

However, if you take more than 10mg, then you may begin to notice a rash or suffer the effects of high blood sugar levels. That’s why it might be better to follow a strict biotin diet. 

Is It Worth Taking?

If you want to grow a fuller, thicker beard, then biotin will help you do just that. The cool part is that it is completely all natural, and it’s healthy for your body anyway. You have very little to lose and a potentially wonderous beard to gain.

Are There Any Other Beard-Friendly Ingredients I Should Know About?

My friend, you have come to the right article. Luckily for us, mother nature is fruitful with options to help grow and maintain a thicker, healthier beard. Other ingredients you’ll want to ingest alongside biotin are horsetail extract, bamboo extract, saw palmetto, spirulina, and nettle root. 

At this point, you might be running to your local grocery store to stock up on these ingredients, but to be honest, they’re not too easy to gather up. That’s why we went ahead and created a beard growth supplement with the proper dosages of those above and six other all natural ingredients. 

In Conclusion…

Let’s answer the question you seek to have solved once and for all: does biotin increase beard growth? 

The answer is, “kind of.”

Biotin will take the less prominent hairs you may have on your face, and make them thicker and bolder in color. In other words, your beard will be fuller if you ingest the right amount of biotin. 

We are still waiting for scientists to confirm that biotin can actually sprout new hairs, which many bearded scholars believe to be so. 

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