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Tropical Fuzz: Using Coconut Oil For Beard Growth

Tropical Fuzz: Using Coconut Oil For Beard Growth

October 28, 2019

Many believe that coconut oil is a type of “miracle oil”. It’s certainly one of those essential oils that lives up to that moniker; many of the others are a bunch of snake oils peddled by mustachioed villains. Seriously though, the uses for coconut oil are myriad, from medical right up to culinary purposes. And now, we’re here to add “beard growth” to that list. So, we present to you what it means to use coconut oil for beard growth!

The wonders of coconut oil…

So, what makes coconut oil such an invaluable tool in a beard grower’s arsenal? First of all, coconut oil is one of the most easily accessible types of essential oils out there. Sure, coconuts just mainly grow in tropical countries, but there’s no short supply of what the plant has to offer wherever you are in the world. So, it’s safe to say that you can grab hold of a vial or a large bottle of the stuff at your local drugstore unlike, say, hemp seed or sandalwood oil.

Convenience aside, of course there are a whole lot of nutrients that can be found in coconut oil. And, most notable of these is none other than lauric acid, which is seldom found in other varieties of essential beard oils.

What, did we say acid?

Hey, there’s no cause for alarm here. Just like your regular ol’ omega-3 fatty acid, lauric acid is an essential oil that helps keep a man’s skin and hair healthy by smoothening and softening those hairs and keeping those valuable follicles of yours free from any contaminants.

So, why use coconut oil for beard growth?

Yes, we understand that there are a lot of other essential oils out there, but allow us to tell you specifically what makes coconut oil stand out. Here are a few reasons for your benefit, fellow beardsman:

It’s a proper softener…

One of the most important qualities of good essential oil – or any good beard oil, for that matter – is its ability to keep your facial hair soft and smooth. Well, coconut oil has got that in spades thanks to its high lauric acid count. And, it is this same acid that makes it more absorbent, thereby making it more effective in getting into those tight corners within your pores.

But if you ask us, one of the reasons we prefer coconut oil’s softening property is that it has one of the least – if not the least – greasy oils out there for your beard. Yeah, we’re looking at you, Jojoba oil!

The awesome shine…

Head on over to any store out there that carries beard oils, balms, or waxes and you’ll be hard-pressed to see one that doesn’t give you a shiny finish. After all, that glorious shine on your beard is a symbol of proper grooming and health. Now, try looking at the ingredients they use and you’ll more than likely find coconut oil in there, and that’s because beard product companies know that this particular type of oil is the best when it comes to providing you with that smooth, shiny look.

The perfect moisturizer…

Now, if you’re a seasoned beardsman, you already know that moisturizing is one of the most basic things beard oils should have, and for good reason: moisture in the beard is an indicator that it’s getting the right and proper amount of nutrients your skin and hair needs for beard growth. Well, look no further than coconut oil to get the benefit of moisturizing your beard without all the trouble of potentially abrasive non-organic ingredients.

Hydration, baby!

Many a beardsman have experienced this rather annoying problem: dry skin underneath your beard. The reason for this is that the heat that comes from that patch of beard you have makes your skin sweat more, which in turn makes it dehydrate faster. However, with a thin coat of coconut oil, you can replenish all those lost reserves and give your skin that much needed H2O supply.

Wick the dirt away…

Coconut oil has a whole lot of antibacterial properties that unclog your follicles and pores and remove any dirt on the surface of your skin and hair. As such, your hair won’t get trapped. Your beard hair will be able to flourish, while being left with squeaky clean face fuzz!

Strengthening those roots…

If there’s one thing that makes coconut oil the wonder product that it is, it’s this one. With its ability to create a protective coat on your hair, it makes your beard less prone to breakage while allowing all those follicles of yours to be rife for hair growth.

The ins and outs of using coconut oil…

Sure, it’s pretty simple to say that you can apply coconut oil the way you would your regular bottle of beard oil, but what if we told you there are a variety of ways with which you can apply this amazing all-natural product? Here are a few of them:

As a prepper…

So, you’re about to get a trim or shave after a few weeks or months of growing out that glorious beard of yours. We recommend applying a thin coat of coconut oil to moisturize and soften all those hairs and the skin beneath it. As a result, you get a much smoother shave or trim, all the while avoiding any possible itchiness that might come along with it.

The all-natural shaving cream substitute…

Any man who’s grown facial hair in their lives knows the troubles of accidentally nicking your face while shaving. So, to remedy that, try applying a bit of coconut oil on your face for that extra lubrication you need. Additionally, that fine coat helps clean all the bacteria away from your face.

The post-shave…

And, of course, there’s this method, which is pretty much the same way you’d apply your beard oil or beard balm. Simply put, you put thumbnail-sized amount of coconut oil on your palm, rub your hands together to spread it all out, then massage your beard and face with it. It’s a beardsman basic, so we’re sure you’re familiar with it.

And with that, we hope you try coconut oil for beard growth. Beard on, brother!

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