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Castor Oil for Beard Growth: Does it Work

Castor Oil for Beard Growth: Does it Work

November 08, 2019

Having a thick face forest is a joy that men lucky enough to be genetically predisposed to grow beards have. Still, even if you lucked out on the DNA roulette, it still doesn’t hurt to have some legit help when it comes to cultivating a proper beard on your face. The problem is, with the rather intense advertising and saturated market of beard products present in the world today, “getting help” has been wrongly labeled as equal to cheating the process not unlike a doping athlete. Even worse, it’s become pretty common today when using beard growth products that certain side effects – adverse side effects – come along with it. But, what if we told you there’s another way? Hey, haters be damned; help is help, and the best kind comes from organic materials. And with that, we’re going to present you with the benefits of castor oil for beard growth!

What’s with castor oil?

You see, the right kind of beard oil is one that provides beard growth, while keeping your skin and follicles clean and healthy. That’s where castor oil comes in. You see, castor oil is a an all-natural way to give you all you need to make sure that you’re in tip-top shape for beard growth!

Now, you might be asking yourself why you shouldn’t just use some drug you can purchase over the counter of your local drugstore or supermarket, so we’re going to let you in on a little secret (well, a couple to be exact!). You see, these beard products really just rely on false advertising the way they claim that it can grow your beard in “no time at all!” Of course, that is never the case. And, these products usually contain chemicals that tend to be rough on your skin, which could lead to more problems like acne, itchiness, and even flaky skin. If you are going to use a beard growth product, make sure to use one which is all-natural.

Castor oil is a gift from momma nature, so you can rest assured it doesn’t have any of those harmful ingredients. So, how exactly does it help your beard grow? Without getting into the whole science of it all, you should know that castor oil is one of the richest natural sources of fatty acids that promote hair growth. Not to mention, it’s also one potent antibacterial agent that effectively protects your skin.

Set your expectations first!

Now, if you’re new to the whole beard growing game, it’s pretty likely that you’d think beard growth products provide instant results. Hey, this isn’t ramen we’re talking about, so you should set your expectations right first! Think of the whole act of beard growing as gardening (very Zen, right?). You won’t expect to grow your prized tomatoes in a day, correct? The same goes with beards: it’s all a journey to getting there. And who knows, you might just have the best time on your way to getting that respectable face fuzz along the way!

The benefits of castor oil!

Allow us to show you a few of the wonders castor oil can do:

  • It moisturizes your skin and hair: an essential in beard grooming
  • It’s a very potent hair softener that makes your beard easier to shape and style
  • It unclogs follicles, which means you could greatly reduce the amount of ingrown hairs you might otherwise have to deal with
  • It strengthens your hair, too, by making it thicker WITHOUT making it stiff
  • It has nutrients and the aforementioned fatty acids that help repair your hair and skin cells.
  • Castor oil provides a clean-looking coat when you apply it, so you won’t look like a hobo
  • It promotes circulation, which then allows for your blood to transport all those hormones and nutrients in your body more easily to your beard

Applying it properly

Of course, you can’t just buy a bottle of castor oil and lather yourself with it right on the spot; there are certain things to consider to make sure that you’re maximizing its benefits. First, you have to ask yourself what kind of beard you’re after. Are you going for a full-on warrior-like beard that could double as a bird’s nest or just one of those 2cm long fuzzes? It all depends on your demands. Here are a few guidelines you could use:

For thin beards

If you’re looking to just add a bit of fuzz on you, then simply applying a thin coat of castor oil before going to bed would be enough. In doing so, you’re allowing your face and hair to get more nutrients than they usually do, which then promotes better beard growth. Do this until you reach the desired length for your beard.

If you’re out to fill those patches…

Ah, patchy beards is an all too common problem faced by most beardsmen, and this happens for a variety of reasons: lack of skin and hair nutrients, poor hygiene, etc. Regardless, though, if you’re using castor oil to remove all those patches from your face, then simply apply it on those bald spots until the hair grows in. Now, don’t apply the castor oil evenly on your face, as this will just result in overall uneven beard growth.

Going with a full-bodied beard

If you’ve only started growing the fuzz on your face, then simply follow the same steps as the one for fuzzes or 5 o’clock shadows. However, it gets a bit different if you already have an inch-long beard and you want to go for more length. You see, simply applying castor oil with a piece of cotton won’t just cut it; it won’t be able to reach the skin and follicles underneath. So, in this case what you want to do is apply a thumb-sized amount of castor oil on your palm, rub your hands together, and then proceed to massage – yes, massaging – your face. This allows the castor oil to properly seep into your skin and past that beard of yours.

Whatever length you’re going for, all we’ll say is that castor oil is a safe and easy way to promote facial hair growth, so get to it! Keep it growing, guys!

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