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The Best Ingredients For Beard Growth

The Best Ingredients For Beard Growth

October 27, 2019

Women have really nice curves and luscious lips and all kinds of other stuff to attract potential mates. But men — men have beards. The bigger and badder the beard the better.

Not all beards are created equal, though. Some men don’t even shave, yet flies could slip right off their faces. Is it bad genes?

In many cases, a thin or patchy beard can be the result of a mineral deficiency. Yup, you could change your diet today, and your beard might just beef right up.

By this point you might be shaking your computer screen, demanding this article reveals the best ingredients for beard growth to get that flowing face mane. If you keep reading, you’ll learn ‘em. But in all honesty, there’s a little bit of a science to mixing and taking the right doses of each vitamin.

To save people the trouble, we went ahead and created a wildly potent formula with 12 of the best beard boosting ingredients we could find. Learn more about these supplements by clicking here.

Now, let’s get back to those 100% natural ingredients which help with beard growth…


Isn’t biotin a cryptocurrency? Biotin is a B-vitamin responsible for nail, skin, and hair health. If you’re deficient in biotin, you might notice your hair begins to thin. Contrarily, if you ingest the right amount of this magical vitamin, you could experience what’s colloquially known as an epic fucking beard.

Horsetail Extract

Wise sages and academic scholars in the art of beardedness have sworn by horsetail extract for ages. Not only does it prevent hair loss, beardruff, and split ends, but it also promotes hair growth.

Bamboo Extract

I’m convinced that part of the reason pandas are giant fluffballs is that they eat so much bamboo. This stalky plant contains an impressive amount of silica, which has a profound impact on hair growth.

Nettle Root

This cheeky little root does something pretty sneaky when ingested. It can actually block DHT production in the body. DHT is responsible for hair loss. Nettle root also prevents the hair loss which comes with aging.

Saw Palmetto

Saw palmetto kind of sounds like the name of a badass mafia guy. But it’s actually a fruit which can boost testosterone levels and prevent hair loss. Oh, and it will also increase your sex drive. I know, what a wild fruit, right?


You may have heard of spirulina before. Perhaps you put it in your smoothies every morning because it’s jam-packed with vitamins. I know I do. What you may not know is that spirulina is used to regrow lost hair. It can also speed up hair growth to help you hit your beard targets faster.


This age-old Chinese herb is used as a medicine for those experiencing premature aging, as it prevents graying and hair loss. It’s so powerful it can even restore hair which went missing.

Alfalfa Sprouts

I sprinkle these things on everything. Salads. Sandwiches. Pizzas. It turns out these adorable little sprouts do more than just taste good too. They’re actually essential to proper hair growth and health.


Para-aminobenzoic acid or PABA is a natural chemical found in folic acid. It combats the signs of aging by restoring and preventing hair loss.

Now that you’ve learned a little bit about the best ingredients for beard growth, you might be wondering what the best way to ingest them all is…

Should you put them in a stew? Do you bake them in a pie?

I don’t know about you, but I think I’d rather just take all them all in one simple supplement. And that’s exactly what we created. We took all the ingredients listed above, along with a few others to create what we believe to be the most potent beard growth formula on the market.

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