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The Best Beard Waxes To Tame That Wild Fuzz

The Best Beard Waxes To Tame That Wild Fuzz

October 23, 2019

We take beard growing seriously. And considering that you’re here, we know that you do too! So, there’s no questioning the basic fact that each and every beardsman – that is, one who’s legit through and through – knows that there’s a lot of prep and maintenance required to maintain the luscious face forest you got going on. You got beard shampoos, beard conditioners, beard combs, and a whole lot of other products to help you along the way, however, one of the most overlooked products out there is the beard wax, and that’s why we’re here to buck that whole trend. It’s about time you found out about the best beard waxes!

Why go with the wax?

Most beardsmen know this: the whole act of beard growing is one that is fraught with the biggest rewards and, at the same time, the biggest nuisances. For the former, the mere fact of possessing even a humble fuzz on your face is enough for any proper man to climb the nearest hill, rip his shirt off, and praise the beard gods in the sky with a dramatic tear falling down their eyes. But, of course, there’s the downside: the road to a glorious beard is a journey where it’s all too common for you to experience itchiness; stretches of time where beard growth becomes patchy; frizzy growths that make you look more like a sasquatch than a handsome lumberjack; and a whole host of other challenges along the way. And this is where the beard wax becomes an invaluable tool.

First and foremost, beard wax has two primary functions: keeping your skin and facial hair healthy and providing some style options. You see, beard wax contains loads of natural ingredients that provide your beard with the necessary vitamins and essential oils it needs to stay in tip-top shape in the long run, all the while providing you with enough hold for you to shape your beard and style it as you please. However, unlike stuff like hair gel or pomades, which end up hardening your hair, beard wax actually conditions your facial hair to make it tamer and more manageable.

Now, if you’re wondering how to apply this wonderful wax on your own fuzz, then suffice it to say that it’s just like applying any old beard oil or beard balm out there: just scoop out a thumbnail-sized amount, rub your hands together to spread it out evenly, and then lathering it on your beard to begin the shaping process.

The best beard waxes out there

Now, there are hundreds upon hundreds of brands out there that sell their own concoctions. As such, we’ve compiled some of the best ones out there to help you and your beard stay safe and stylish.

1. Honest Amish

There’s a reason Honest Amish has become one of the most popular beard product manufacturers out there, and that’s because their sterling reputation is preceded by quality, all-natural ingredients.

Using a variety of oils extracted from fruits and nuts, various butters, and the all-important beeswax, Honest Amish provides the most non-abrasive conditioning experiences a guy could have. If you ask us, we highly recommend this brand if you’re experiencing bouts of curly, unruly beard growth. Believe us, you can say goodbye to that once you get yourself an Honest Amish.

2. Mountaineer Beard and Moustache Wax

Mountaineer has all the organic ingredients and benefits you’d get from other brands on this list. However, it’s the only one that prides itself with being one that’s nearly colorless. So, why is this so important?

The thing is, if your hair isn’t black, chances are the shade of the beard wax you use is visible when you apply it, which makes you look like you have crumbs of food on your beard. With Mountaineer, though, that has become a thing of the past. Pair that with its absolutely firm hold and manly cedarwood scent and you have one of the most no-nonsense beard waxes around.

3. Stache Bomb Stache Wax

Despite the fact that this brand is aimed at mustaches, it works just as well on full-on beards. And, although this company is relatively new to the whole beard wax game, make no mistake: these guys know what they’re doing.

Stache Bomb is one of the softest waxes out there, which means it’s much easier to apply; it doesn’t bunch up your beard too much and make it look puffed the way other brands do; and it’s got a refreshing pine scent.

4. Professor Fuzzworthy’s

Don’t let the name fool you: Professor Fuzzworthy’s Organic Beard Wax is one of the best brands out there. Why, you ask? Well, it checks off the three essential beard wax duties: conditioning, styling, and supplementing.

First off, Prof. Fuzzworthy’s is one of those rare types of beard wax that’s able to provide you with a lot of gloss control, in that the more you apply on your beard, the shinier it gets, which is unlike other brands, whose only settings include either a.) dull like a brillo pad b.) or as greasy as a post-BBQ rib lunch. Plus, just a smidge of this wax is enough to give you enough of a hold for the day, so no multiple applications needed at all!

And that’s just the beginning of it, as this brand is made of 100% organic materials, with the majority of it coming from high-quality Australian beeswax. Not to mention, Prof. Fuzzworthy’s is perfect for guys who want to relieve themselves of the ever-annoying itches.

BONUS: Norse Grooming Beard Balm 

Now that you know the best beard waxes, I’ve got one more thing to share with you: a very special beard balm. Contrary to what naysayers believe – who, by the way, we think are people who don’t know a single lick about beard grooming – beard balms are distinct from beard waxes. Whereas the primary goal of beard wax is styling, beard balms act more as a savior for your beard. Simply put, it’s the stuff that gives your glorious beard that royal shine and control.

However, not any beard balm can do the trick; you need something that covers the three S’ of beard balms: Soothing, Softening, and Shaping. And for that, look no further than Norse Grooming Beard Balm. 

We’re not exaggerating when we say that it’s rare for beard balms to cover all three of the essential S’, but this beard balm has a mix of essential oils that cools down your skin and hair, thereby reducing itchiness and brittleness. Not only that, it helps soften your beard and ensures that styling and shaping is an ease.



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