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The Very Best Beard Growth Gift Ideas

The Very Best Beard Growth Gift Ideas

September 23, 2018

Through the ages of time, as long as there have been men on the earth, the following statement has been uttered… “Men are so hard to buy for.” I know you’ve probably heard it. I hear it each year around my birthday, Christmas, and Father’s Day. I don’t believe this statement though. Maybe it’s because I’m a man. Maybe it’s because I’m simple and easy to please. If your man is bearded or would like to become a man with a beard, then I’m here today to lessen the anxiety of getting him a gift, and prove that quote wrong. Many men have issues growing beards. We’re plagued with everything from patchiness to split ends. There are so many products out there that can help you grow your beard and many of them won’t break the bank. I’ll help you wade through the choices and give you some of the best products your money can buy. Without further adieu, here are the best beard growth gift ideas.

Beard Oil For Growth

 With hundreds of raving testimonials which prove its effectiveness, beard growth oil or serum is the best choice for men who want to grow a beard or push past terminal length. The oil is full of natural ingredients and will help to stimulate your face to grow a mighty beard. It also hydrates and promotes healthy skin under the beard, which is very important to beard growth and retention. If the skin under the beard is dry, your beard will have a hard time growing and what grows will be dry and brittle. This oil will work wonders for both your face and your beard.

Hair & Beard Vitamins

While beard growth may have a lot to do with your genetics, there are things you can do to help the process along. Hair vitamins are one of the most popular beard supplements you can find on the Internet. These vitamins help hair to grow faster and thicker. It’s all natural. There are no hormones involved. The vitamins are a special formula just for men. Some of the vitamins included are A,C,E and B1. It also include saw palmetto, biotin and folic acid. As I stated there are no hormones involved in this, so you don’t have to worry about negative side effects. The reviews on this product are overwhelmingly positive. The vitamins help the man in your life grow a thicker and fuller beard, and with a low price point, you can’t beat it.

Grow a Beard

Now that we’ve covered the vitamins and oils a beard needs to grow, we’ll move on to grooming tools. If you’re looking for a great gift with a decent price tag, I suggest the Grow a Beard comb and brush. Beard brushes and combs such as these help to get any dirt out of your beard. They also help distribute the oils evenly. Using both of these after you’ve oiled your beard works miracles. It tames the whiskers and helps them to lay flatter.

You can’t go wrong with these tools. Even if your man has a brush and comb already, it never hurts to have more. I personally love collecting them. The importance of grooming tools can’t be overstated. Just like a plant that needs pruning and attention, your beard is the same.

Pruning it and oiling it will set you up for the biggest and baddest beard you can grow. If you’re looking for negatives here, I can’t find any. Brushes and combs are a must have for any bearded man.


This gift set combines the best of both worlds. You get a comb, scissors and beard oil and balm, all for a great price. With 4.7 star rating out of 5 you can’t lose. Maybe you have someone in your life that is just starting to grow a beard.

This gift set would be perfect for them. Once you get the gentleman in your life started on beard grooming, he won’t look back. The difference is incredible and you’ll be happy as well. All of these products mentioned help with the softness of the hair. I’ve not mentioned another common problem of bearded men yet, so I’ll do that here.

Beard dandruff or beardruff can be an issue. It happens because the longer the hair gets the more oil from your face it uses to stay healthy. That leaves your face dry, itchy and flaky. Using this beard oil and balm will help combat that. Again, no negatives here unless the fragrance isn’t your cup of tea. If that’s the case, you can choose another fragrance or find a balm and oil that is fragrance free.


This Bossman beard kit is aptly named. This product seems to be near the top of everyone’s beard product wish list. It has an almost perfect five star rating on Amazon and the reviews are as glowing as your beard is bound to be. This gift set includes a beard conditioner cream, jelly beard oil and beard balm.

This trio is perfection for the best beard you can have. The price is very reasonable and its guaranteed to please even the pickiest of men. One of the recurring comments of what the guys like, is the weight of the jelly oil in the beard. With an almost perfect rating I think we’d be hard pressed to find any negatives.

J’s Beard Essentials

Up until now I’ve given you well known products. This is a company which is just getting its start. I ran across J’s Beard Essentials on Instagram and I tried their product. I couldn’t pass it up because it was such a great price. Now I was afraid that the old saying, “You get what you pay for”, would come into play here, but it didn’t. I was pleasantly surprised by their beard oil. The smell isn’t overpowering and it leaves my beard feeling great.

Sometimes it pays to take chances on lesser known brands, you may end up striking gold. Beards have long been held as a symbol of greatness and power. Even the Vikings, who are well known for their beards, groomed them with bone combs. Yeah, the Vikings were all about looking good. Who knew? The man in your life will thank you and the bearded Vikings who came before him will rest easy knowing he’s carrying on the long tradition of beard growing and looking his best with these beard growth gift ideas.

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