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5 Beard-Friendly Professions Which Embrace The Face Fluff

5 Beard-Friendly Professions Which Embrace The Face Fluff

November 16, 2019

Ah, the life of a working man: a curious little facet of this world that has its enormous — or we’d even say more than enormous share — of red tape when it comes to wielding a respectable face forest. To the gentlebeardsman, the pressures of snagging a proper job that will help sustain their everyday lives is ever harder than that of man whose face is smooth as a baby’s butt. 

And we think it’s about time that changed. After all, you cannot judge a man’s skills based on his beard alone. If you ask us, we’d even tell you beards make the workplace all the more magical, what with all that fuzz livening up an otherwise bland office. So, it is with this purpose that we’re here to tell you all about the 5 beard-friendly workplaces which encourage bushy faces!

Before that, though, allow us to give you a bit of clarity and inspiration regarding how your beard affects your potential job and vice-versa. Hey, guys, that’s what we do: we give and give and inspire!

So, you’re a beardsman who’s out looking for a company that could help you both hone your skills and sustain your daily needs. Of course, it goes without saying that shaving that glorious face bush of yours is not even on the table; you’ve put too much effort, time, and commitment to become the bearded gentleman that you are right now. So, what’s a man to do? Well, let us say it right here and now: if they pass you over on the basis of your beard and your beard alone, then it’s clear you’re better off searching in another place. It’s their loss.

But what about balance?

Now, we’re not saying a man can leave with his beard alone, unless of course you’re planning on becoming a weird hobo. We understand that there’s a balance to be maintained between your personal preferences and style and the necessities of this modern world. Both are equally important. The question is: how is a beardsman supposed to wade his way through the professional world?

To answer that, all we’ll say is that you have to maintain that glorious face bush of yours in tip-top condition. Like we said earlier, there is absolutely no reason your career and beard should clash; it’s all a matter of proper presentation. In fact, we’ll even go so far as to say that you, gallant beardsman, have an edge over your non-hairy competitors in snagging that job: beards are an interesting ice breaker your potential employer notices, making you more distinct and memorable! Whether they think of it as something good or bad is all up to them, and hopefully it’s the former. This anti-beard campaign running the world should just die already.

The Ideal Professions

Thankfully, there are numerous career paths out there that empower the bearded gentleman. And with that comes a slew of professions you could go with, should all those unenlightened corporate figures unjustly shun your glorious countenance! Here are a few:

1. Be An Upstart

A lot has changed in the way business is done ever since the industrial revolution. And, thanks to the interconnectedness of the world today, becoming your own boss has become pretty much its own field. As such, you could always go with founding your own startup business. In this case, you’re the boss and no one can tell you not to grow a glorious beard. As an added bonus: this business of yours has the potential of becoming a bastion for bearded brothers out there. Just imagine running a company full of beardsmen: if that’s not egalitarian, we don’t know what is!

2. The Tech World

Contrary to what movies and TV shows tell us —  you know, how they portray IT companies and any other computer-related job as something reserved for nerds and awkward guys that twiddle their thumbs around —  companies in the field of technology really couldn’t care less about your looks. Why, you ask? Because they value what you actually contribute, from innovation to performance!

3. Be Free!

And by that, we mean go the route of the freelancer. Much like your startup guy, the world of freelance is populated by people who are results-oriented, which means you have complete control of what you want to look like when you’re doing your job. Whether you’re doing it from your home office or a local coffeehouse, going freelance means you have the freedom to choose your style. Just wear shorts while you’re at it, at least. Come on, that’s just good hygiene.

4. The Ad Men

Sure, Don Draper may be one smooth son of a gun without a beard, but remember that this isn’t the 60s anymore and advertising companies that specialize in design value their employees’ individuality. As such, their standards for workplace appearance are way more flexible than your average office. After all, these companies don’t want their little artisans losing inspiration just because they don’t like seeing men with hairy faces!

5. Mistah Barista

Baristas get a lot of guff in spite of how important these people are in a lot of people’s daily lives. Without them, it’s almost a sure thing you’ll be spending your life drinking crappy coffee. Now, if you’re a beardsman, becoming a barista is one of the most non-discriminating industries out there, and that’s because most —  if not all — companies within this industry hold the idea of individuality in high regard. Not to mention, having a neat, bearded guy behind the counter just makes these coffee shops feel all the more like home.

Sorry To Burst Your Bubble

Contrary to popular belief, being a soldier or firefighter aren’t exactly beard-friendly professions. You see, these jobs require very specific standards of appearance, which could only be overturned if you have proof that your beard is part of your religion; a medical condition; or some other valid reason. Kinda makes sense though. A beard would definitely be a fire hazard

And with that, we hope you find the perfect job for you and your beard! If you’d like a little boost for your beard, and really make splashes at the office, check out our all-natural growth oil. Stay pro-fresh, my bearded businessman. 

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