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Are Beards A Fad? Why They Never Will Be

Are Beards A Fad? Why They Never Will Be

September 23, 2018

Throughout history, beards have gone in and out of fashion depending on the era and society in which they could be cultivated, among various other reasons. Looking at more recent times, some style experts are even claiming beards are “out” this year — which if you ask us is just one big load of steaming bull crap. We think the idea that beards are considered mere objects of fashion shouldn’t even matter.  Ah, just chalk it up to us being a bunch of idealists. In any case, though, it is with that thought we’re here to tell you all about why beards will never become a fad. We repeat: NEVER.

Why subject it all to style, though?

Before we go on and tell you all about why beards will never become a fad, let us give you a couple of reasons why these glorious masses of facial hair have become a subject of fashion in the first place. Of course, don’t expect us to go on a long-winded rant with this; a short one will do. First off, it was in the middle of the 00’s right up to its tail end that saw the gradual return of beards to chic prominence. If you ask us, though, this is the most recent evidence of how beards have become unrightfully demoted to something that’s just meant to be a fad. The culprit: all those gosh darn hipsters. Look, we’re not against hipsters. They made craft beer and riding your bike to work cool. But as you might remember, hipsters used beards as a statement to how contrary they are to then-prevailing fashion statements. And that’s just the problem: beards became mere fashion statements. Of course, that was just the beginning of it. As these perpetual naysayers to the mainstream eventually became what they hated, beards became fashionable yet again. And that’s partly due to the world’s fixation with celebrities. After all, nothing says you admire Robert Downey, Jr. than slapping on a full Tony Stark on your very own face. That’s how it works in a nutshell. But, that’s enough, because we’re here to tell you why that shouldn’t be the case. Beards go far beyond being objects of fashion, much less passing fads, and here’s why.

Mother Nature gave them to us for more than fashion...

The thing is, whether you believe in an almighty supreme being or not, it’s part of being male – or at least having loads of testosterone in you – to be able to grow a beard. Shave as much as you like; it’ll just keep growing back. Our point here is that you just can’t simply equate beard with fashion; there’s definitely more to it than that. And think about it this way: just because it’s not fashionable doesn’t mean it’s good for you. Heck, Victorian England had an unhealthy obsession with corsets that crush your organs and bones; the Chinese loved tiny feet so much that they freaking bound their Johnny Walkers until they shrank. But none of those mean they’re good ideas, not by a long shot. Conversely, just because something’s not fashionable does not mean they’re bad for you. Men were given the ability to grow hairs on their face the same way that women have the ability to produce milk for their young: it’s all part of being human, which makes it even less proper to try and treat it as a fad. Come to think of it, it might be time for humans to go extinct once they say breastfeeding is out of fashion. Sadly, I think we’re getting dangerously close to that point.

Do it… In the name of GOOD HEALTH!

It’s a wonder how so many people tend to overlook this when they start bandying words about fashion: growing a beard is one of the safest, easiest ways you can keep yourself free from germs, bacteria, and diseases. Now, we’re not saying that it magically helps you become immune to any given disease (though the gruff, warrior-like vibe you exude makes you appear like it, honestly); we’re saying that it can help. For one, a proper beard can help reduce the risk of getting colds or frostbite or any other problems caused by extremely low temperatures, such as during winters, by keeping a man’s face warm and toasty. And don’t get us wrong: that doesn’t mean it’s only good for cold weather. During those sunny days, a beard is a great shield from the sun’s harsh UV rays, too. For another, a beard helps keep your face and neck protected from dirt and bacteria that could stick to your face otherwise. Suffice it to say that beards act as both a sieve and a protective coat of hair. Looking amazing is just a bonus.

The Versatility of the Beard

The problem with all these fad chasers and “influencers” is that they’re thinking in terms of black and white. To them, it’s almost always about having a beard or not, and that shouldn’t be the case. In truth, beards come in all shapes and sizes that depend on any given beardsman’s needs. There are face forests that are perfect for cold weather; beards that help you keep fresh and protected in the summer; and a whole host of styles a man can choose from or even come up with. In the end, the question here isn’t whether you should have a beard or not; it’s all about what kind of beard you want.

The Business of Beards

Finally, it’s a great indication of how much we as a society have learned when you find out that there are companies and businesses out there that specifically cater to beards. As such, it proves that there is a market out there made of beardsmen who look at their newsfeeds, see the latest anti-beard news, and just say “stuff it!” We salute every one of you! None of their bullshit, wishy-washy fashion trends can penetrate your luscious beards. 

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