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NORSE Beard Growth Kit

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Want a beard that turns heads and explodes your face with manliness? NORSE Beard Growth Serum’s proprietary formula stimulates growth, giving you the thick, impressive beard you’ve always wanted.

🧔🏻 9+ Potent Beard Growth Ingredients

🧔🏻 Achieve A Thicker, Fuller Beard

🧔🏻 2-in-1 Starter Beard Growth Kit

🧔🏻 Order now and get it in 4-5 days.

The Best Way To Grow A Full Manly Beard, As Fast As Possible
Grow a Thicker and Longer Beard
And fill in the patchy, thin spots
Get Nourished and Healthy
With smoother skin and a softer beard
Achieve Your Ideal Look
Respect from friends — eyes from ladies

No More Beard ruff Or Itchiness
Keeps your skin hydrated and supple to prevent beard dandruff and nasty beard itch

What To Expect
Week 1
Every application of our Beard Growth Oil cleanses dirt and toxins from clogged pores while nourishing your hair follicles. You'll notice clearer, smoother skin from the start.
Week 3
By week 3, your pores are clear, allowing new roots to sprout. A healthy dose of peptides and nutrients fortifies and thickens your existing hair follicles for a fuller beard.
Week 6
Experience new growth and revitalized hair follicles, resulting in a fuller, thicker beard like never before.
Breakthrough Your Natural Growth
Here at Norse Grooming, our mission is to bring beardedness to the masses.

We’re tired of seeing faces so bald that flies slip from them
That’s why we’ve formulated a blend of all-natural ingredients to nourish hair follicles, destroy patchiness, and help beard growers reach their max potential. It’s time for people to write songs about your glorious new beard. You’ll join the brotherhood of men who refused to settle for weak, sickly looking face fluff. It’s time to demand respect with a legendary beard. Why settle for peach fuzz when you can have a lion’s mane and be the king of the jungle?

Starter Beard Growth Kit
NORSE Beard Serum
Our famous Beard Oil we call "Growth Serum" is a powerful blend of 9 different ingredients in one beard oil that helps your beard grow healthier.

Watch as your beard comes in thicker and fuller while keeping it super soft and smelling good.
NORSE Beard Roller
Next you'll receive one NORSE beard roller. A clinically proven tool for hair growth.

It helps stimulate collagen production and hair growth. Use it before applying growth serum for best results.
What’s Inside The Bottle

Norse Beard Growth Serum uses 9 of the most potent all-natural ingredients on the market for beard growth. We don’t believe in elements which can harm your skin or poison your body.

Have you seen the back of popular hair growth boxes? These products might help you grow a beard, but you may develop an extra arm in the process.

Here are some of the all natural ingredients we use:
    Possibly the most potent ingredient for beard growth on the market.
    Halts premature hair loss and greying for a healthier looking beard.
    Is there anything avocado can’t do? It also reduces inflammation, itchiness, and beardruff.
    Repairs split ends and stimulates follicles to grow in thicker.
    Like Virgin Argan Oil, Sweet Almond Oil, Apricot Kernel Oil, Pumpkin Seed Oil, & Grapeseed Oil.
See the results of our customers
Grow A Beard. Get What You Want.
Are you ready to take away the breath of every woman in the room?

What if I told you that women perceive men with beards to be more attractive, healthier, more masculine, better fathers, and god-like? Okay, all but the last one is true. The previous points were proven in a study which essentially says men without beards don’t stand a chance!
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98% Customers Are Satisfied
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Why You Should Grow A Strong, Manly Beard...
“Facial hair strongly influences people's judgments of men's socio-sexual attributes.”
“Masculinity ratings increased linearly as facial hair increased...”
"The role of facial hair is huge in women's perception of men's attractiveness, health, masculinity, and parenting skills."


We guarantee if you use it every day for 60 days and don't see growth we will refund your entire purchase.
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Customer Reviews

Based on 8 reviews
Richard Lee
Beard growth

I have been using your product for about 60 days and have seen beard growth in areas I never had it before. It is a slow process but I definitely see that the growth I’ve had is worth the money. I have to say I was spectacular in the beginning but the beard growth serum coupled with the derma roller has made me a believer. If you are going to use this product you have to be dedicated to the process.

Zach Martin
Good oil and roller.

Thanks again second time ordering.

Jack Rutherford
Best beard growth kit.

Thank you very much. Tried all kinds of growth kits, supplements and gizmos and your products are the ones I have found work the best.

Brandon Thornton

NORSE Beard Growth Kit

Pablo Marini

I have some patches in my beard. The serum is working slower than I liked but it is filling in. The delivery of the product is a little slow. It does work so that makes me happy.