Total Beard Growth Bundle - Norse Grooming

Total Beard Growth Bundle

Level up your beard with the ultimate beard grooming and growth kit.

What you get:

1. One NORSE Beard Serum

Our famous Beard Oil we call "Growth Serum" is a powerful blend of 9 different ingredients in one beard oil that helps your beard grow healthier.

Watch as your beard comes in thicker and fuller while keeping it super soft and smelling good.

2. NORSE Beard Roller

Next you'll receive one NORSE beard roller. A clinically proven tool for hair growth.

It helps stimulate collagen production and hair growth. Use it on separate days to using your NORSE beard serum for optimal results.

With this Growth Kit you can save $15 instantly compared to purchasing them separately.

Please note that the roller and the serum will ship separately. Please do not worry if you have only received one item, the other is on the way. Depending on your location you will likely receive the serum first and the roller after.

3. Beard Growth Nutrients

To complete your beard growth you'll get one bottle of our fantastic beard growth nutrients. A formula of vitamins and other proprietary nutrients designed to grow healthy hair and beards.

IMPORTANT INFORMATION: As beard rollers are delivered separately, we are facing delays in fulfilling them. Keep this in mind before buying.

Customer Reviews

Based on 21 reviews
Mark A.
Beard oil first timer and seemss to help a lot

I'm currently trying to grow a thick beard, I've done my research and came accross Norse. I've seen progessive growth plus I'm supplementing with good diet. I'm buying the 90 day supply as I finished the 60 days bundle. Good Value.


I was told beard oil will improve tattoos and it really helps. Not a big fan of the smell, but not bad for what it is.

Kimberly F.
Boyfriend Loves It

Great option to gift your boyfriend. He told me he feels the bundle has actually done something. I notice the scent, soft and mild, so keep it in mind if you want something different.

Jeff Peterson
5-starsss 60 day supply!

Very nice products! the nutrients are a game changer, I feel the roller really helped the serum penetrate deeper and my beard patches have improve 80% in almost two months.

Nice bundle

I personally didn't liked the smell of the serum I still applied it daily using the roller and I see good improvement. Different scent to chose from could make it 5-star.

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