3 Steps To Get Past A Patchy Beard

3 Steps To Get Past A Patchy Beard

December 11, 2019

You turn twenty-one. Still patchy. Twenty-five. Twenty-seven and a half. No progress. Thirty. “Why has my beard forsaken me?” you yell from the cold tile bathroom floor.  

After endless months of research formulating our Norse Beard Growth Serum, we figured out a couple of things about patchy beard growth and how to overcome it.

So don’t give up, my young, beard padawan! First of all, I think it’s very important for you to celebrate and feel grateful for whatever amount of fluff you may be able to sprout. Maybe you can grow big, dirty sideburns, or a super suave mustache. Or maybe you have a little bit of stubble which some girls find irresistible. Be thankful for what you’ve got!

The second thing I want to emphasize before you continue reading is that you should never give up. No matter what age you are today, you need to remember that with a simple lifestyle change, it is quite possible to summon a thicker, more fuller beard. There is evidence of beards blowing up with more hair all across the globe — it has even been proven in scientific studies. 

So before you take a razor to your patchy beard, completely defeated and done with your dream of beardedness, ask yourself these questions: 

Am I getting enough beard boosting nutrients? Is my body producing enough testosterone? Am I oiling my beard to keep it nourished and healthy?

This is the kind of inventory you need to take on your beard routine. You do have a beard routine, right? It’s the surefire way to add more beardedness to your life. 

Look, if a person who was born physically as a woman can get a sex change to become a man — a man who can grow facial hair — then you can grow a full beard too. You just need to believe it’s possible and then follow a beard growth regiment, like the one I have put together below. I present to you three steps to get past a patchy beard.

Step 1: Get the right nutrients

There are some research-backed ingredients which work wonders for beard growth. Possibly the most potent of all the vitamins and minerals is biotin, which is a B-vitamin. You can find it naturally in foods like avocado, salmon, and green peas. 


Step 2: Produce more testosterone

The hormone we know and love called testosterone promotes beard thickness and follicle stimulation. And a secondary hormone called dihydrotestosterone, also referred to as DHT, increases beard growth.

So it’s crucial that you are getting enough of these beard boosting hormones. Luckily, there are many ways to pump more testosterone and DHT to your beard. The best way to do so is by doing manly things, like working out and being physical and wrestling wildlife into submission. The last feat may be difficult, so you can try testosterone supplements if you’d rather do less moving around. 

Some other ways to increase your testosterone levels is to consume zinc, get lots of sunlight, and reduce sugars and stress. 

Step 3: Keep things well oiled

Your beard is kind of like a majestic garden, and your skin is the soil. You need to prevent that soil from becoming dried out, or it will be difficult for anything to sprout from it. Part of the reason you may have a patchy beard is that hairs have become caught under the dead and unhealthy skin cells.

Beard oil helps clean out that dead skin, and also provides nourishment for the hair follicles to grow stronger and healthier. We’ve actually created an all natural oil specifically for patchy beards. It’s shaped like a pen so you can more effectively target the areas on your face you plan to make bushier.

I’ve included a shortlist below of some of the ingredients our oils contain which will take your beard to the next level. 

Vitamin E not only defends against hair loss, it also promotes hair growth.* 

*Effects of tocotrienol supplementation on hair growth in human volunteers. Beoy, Woei, Hay.

Hemp Seed Oil is super potent and wields many vitamins, including vitamin D, which will help sprout more hair.*

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Jojoba Oil is filled with nutrients, including vitamin B which prevents hair loss*.

*Biotin and biotinidase deficiency. Zempleni, Hassan, Wijeratne.

Avocado Oil keeps your beard healthy and aids in hair growth with the power of vitamin E.*

*Effects of tocotrienol supplementation on hair growth in human volunteers. Beoy, Woei, Hay.

To summarize…

Always remember that your beard is great the way it is — no matter how patchy or thin it is — so be grateful for what you have. In saying that, it is totally okay to take methods to increase the thickness and fullness. 

The three best ways to grow this thicker and fuller beard is to eat lots of vitamins and minerals which have been proven to increase beard growth, produce more testosterone in your body through exercise and diet, and keep your beard nicely oiled so you have healthy skin to go with your beard. 

Now that you know the three steps to get past a patchy beard, I hope you are able to grow something a little more magical. Just be sure to stay humble and remember what it was like when you had a patchy beard when your face is exploding with bushiness. 

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